Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Advantages of Webinars for Busy Executives.

There are more companies that are cost-conscious and because of that, there are some business conferences and meetings that are no longer held. In an effort to contain costs, there are many businesses that are using web conferencing to hold important business meetings and training seminars, when a simple conference call won't be effective. In fact, there are many businesses that are coming to realize that webinars can be a great way to communicate with business associates and train their employees. A webinar can provide five times the retention rate of a normal business conference call and there are several other advantages that are part of this form of communication.

The webinars are fairly easy and affordable to put together. You will have a web conferencing host that facilitates the combination teleconference-webinar with an invitation that lets participants know the time, date, web address and participant code they need to use. Because the teleconferencing is integrated with the web conference, it is easy for participants to sign on to one or both, whenever you are ready to start the meeting. You are charged based on 15 cents per minute per connection, so you can budget your costs and the length of your web meeting accordingly.

When you compare the advantages of web conferencing to holding a traditional conference, the cost difference can be staggering and the convenience and productivity factors make it a more profitable option. If you have a remote workforce or business associates that are scattered around the globe, the price of airline tickets, lodging and meals can amount to large amounts of money. This doesn't consider the fact that your employees or clients might not be able to get away from other duties for the several days a business meeting can involve and the loss of productivity can be staggering, when you consider traditional means. With webinars, the participants can work until the webinar starts and go back to working, once it has been completed. For businesses that are watching their costs, this is a substantial saving that goes straight to the bottom line for all involved!

As a busy executive, you might not have enough hours in a day, but you don't want productivity to suffer or the important client contacts and presentations to be avoided because these are things that affect your management ability, as well. With web conferencing, you can collaborate on important business issues, train employees or distributors on innovative products and techniques or implement a company-wide change of policy with ease, through a webinar. In fact, you can hold several business meetings in a matter of minutes or hours through webinars, but they might take weeks through traditional business meetings or training seminars.

Because of features like desktop sharing, easy to implement PowerPoint presentations for visual effects and demonstrations or feedback tools you can implement in your web meeting, you can still have an interactive meeting that is productive and accomplishes the tasks you need to address in a short amount of time. When you are ready to meet, remote workers or business associates on the other side of the globe can have a visual presentation with an audio conversation and communication. This allows for immediate feedback, questions and personal interaction, while making everybody more productive and involved.

There are some business executives that aren't crazy about conference calls and consider them a waste of time. With web conferencing, the retention rate is higher because you are stimulating more than one of the important senses-visual and audio. Because the web meeting and presentation takes place on the participants' desktop, you can have a meeting where participants are following along and prepared for test questions, instead of surfing the Internet while their phone is set on speakerphone, like many conference calls they might take.

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