Thursday, July 15, 2010

Enterpreneur Success and Challange

re you about to to take the challenge and become an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are not born, they are not just lucky people, an entrepreneur creates their own luck by the actions they take as they move towards their business goals.

With all the doom and gloom that so many are facing right now you could not pick a better time to begin your entrepreneur success story.
Are you willing to take an educated risk with yourself? Many people will shy away from the very concept of that, with the belief that it is safer to stop as they are. But what is really secure? Is it prudent to rely on someone else? We all have to take responsibility for ourselves at the end of the day, so why gamble our future on another company when the decisions they make touch our life and livelihood.
The real entrepreneur success factors is what action you take with the opportunities that come your way. I reality the real risk is to walk away when an opportunity comes along rather than take the challenge and let the entrepreneur in you come out.

By becoming an entrepreneur you straight awaystart a change in you. It is then you that can invent your life, chose what you do, and are responsible for the success of your enterprise. The only way to make wealth is to stand out from the crowd and begin your journey in becoming an entrepreneur success.

Action is the answer to all of this, and the actions and choices you make today shape your tomorrow. When you reflect of how powerful that is you can see that by making a few changes you can alter the course you are on now and no longer settle for anything less.

I became my own boss when I was 20, and only once have I worked for anyone else, (8 weeks) I realised that after having my own business there could be no other way, I simply could not settle for less. The freedom that I have had and possibilities that have come to me have far exceeded anything else.

Maybe the biggest entrepreneur success factors is to be in the company of other successful people. By being in the company and sharing ideas with other successful people you find that their attitude rubs off to you. You begin to observe and behave in a different way and start to become the person you need to be to be successful.

If you are thinking of starting a business I can only say take the challenge and become the entrepreneur that you really wish to be. Just do it, it could make you the person you want to be.

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