Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Mobility Of The Business World

While the second type has been around for quite a while the first type of mobile marketing has been catching up.
Short Message Service Marketing:
Short Message Service (SMS) Marketing is probably the most popular form of mobile marketing today. With the growing popularity of text messaging among cellular customers, entrepreneurial reliance on the mobility of the business world would be remiss to not include SMS marketing in their plans.

Multimedia Message Service Marketing:
Another form of mobile marketing is Multimedia Message Service (MM0S) Marketing. This includes advertisements that are sent via mobile devices as pictures or videos. This is the basis of ‘viral marketing' where the customer sends a video they like to someone else and they pass it on and so forth. The mobility of the business world is matched by the MMS Marketing system.
Game Mobile Marketing:
Two types of Game Mobile Marketing are emerging. One form deals with games that have great detail and control in their play. The other type is the easy to understand and execute games. On occasion marketing can be found within the confines of the game itself, other times it is posted on the banners around the main window of your mobile device.

User Controlled Marketing:
User Controlled Marketing deals mainly with the content that customers want instead of a steady stream of spam going to endless inboxes. The customers choices online are watched and marked and they are advertised to in relation to this. This means a more personalized marketing experience for customers.

Mobile Web Marketing:
With the growing popularity of mobile phone web surfing so emerges the use of internet ads on the mobile web pages. Ads that are placed on these pages are usually determined by the content of the page. With the mobility of the business world Mobile Web Marketing is a great tool to have.

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