Monday, July 26, 2010

Varieties of Zanic Anodes an Marine Industry

Zinc is one metal which is used in almost all industry sectors. Its alloys in many different forms find use mostly in cars and construction, motor housings, door furniture, toys, taps and pipes, roofing and guttering, coffins, and batteries, tires and zinc creams.

Zinc anodes in ships and boats
Zinc is nowadays being extensively used in the form of zinc anodes in almost all marine industries. For submerged structures in saltwater and brackish water, zinc anodes are known to provide protection to other metals lower on the galvanic scale, at the expense of sacrificing themselves. Hence, just like magnesium anodes they work best when used to offer excellent protection in ships and other off shore applications. They are also cost effective and economical as they safeguard the expensive metals used in ships getting wiped in the process. They are used extensively in boats and are called boat zincs, when used in this application.

Zinc anodes in other submerged structures
Apart from using in boats and ships zinc anodes are also used in other submerged objects. This is because they have a higher driving voltage that helps in providing protection in a marine environment from corrosive seawater. Zinc anodes can also be found in marine applications like, ballast tanks, offshore platforms, bridges, hulls, propeller shafts, rudders, and stern drives etc. This is especially useful in protecting the cooling system from galvanic corrosion, which occurs when dissimilar metals, like an aluminum stern drive and a bronze through-hull are placed in an electrolyte solution.

Zinc anode and its different varieties
Zinc anodes are available in different varieties and you can choose the one as per your requirement. You can also get customized ones as per your area of application, just like aluminum anodes. Almost all the manufacturers have this option of producing any anodes of your specifications. However, always see that your zinc anodes conform to MIL-A-18001 Standard for prevention of any unwarranted loss to your precious metals.

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