Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Gain From Network

Networking is an enjoyable activity. There is the opportunity to meet interesting new people in an enjoyable atmosphere, often accompanied by good food and a door prize or two. But for the busy sales representative, business owner, or independent agent fun is secondary to the need for solid results from networking. We need to GAIN something from the time spent networking.

What can we GAIN from Social Networking? Information, resources, referrals, insight and job leads. One thing we all want are sales. But the harder we pursue sales, the more elusive they can be. And, the paradoxical thing about people who are really great at networking is that they're not trying to make sales, but they make a lot of sales through their networking. They have to be sincerely interested in the relationship and not the sale ... but if you do that, you'll probably get the sale.

How do these great networkers do it? Think GAIN to remember the most important key points:

G - Give first of yourself, your time, information, experience - give something of value

A - Ask questions about the other person, their life, their experiences, their dreams

I - Introduce them to someone else who is interested in their service or who would otherwise be helpful or even another great networker like yourself

N - Nurture the relationship by continuing to give, ask questions, and introduce them to others

If you focus on this kind of GAIN, then you will benefit tremendously from your networking. Not only can you find it to be an enjoyable activity, but you'll also make contacts, get referrals, and earn sales from friends and recommendations.

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