Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Different Stages of a Business Proposal

A business proposal is an offer made to a customer or a client by the merchant with a motive to initiate business. The main aim is to offer solution to a client and propose the products or services of an organization as a form of solution to a customer's problems.

A business proposal has got many different stages to undergo in order to prepare a result-oriented offer letter. Create the title of an offer letter which is working in nature and it should be a mind-gripping one. Conduct an extensive literature research in order to find out the interests and needs of a target customer. Once you have gone through the market survey and studied well about your customers, you can keep their perspective in mind and write a proposal that appeals them the most. Write from a reader's perspective as you want your offer letter should be persuasive for them.

Begin with the introduction first and be brief in this paragraph as a reader may not have luxury of time to go through an entire offer letter. You can cover the main points of discussion in the first topic itself. In the introduction, it is essential to unfold the budget to a client. However, this must be done intelligently so that a customer should not feel your offer as expenditure. A proposal writer can make use of a world 'investment' to refer to the budget so that a reader presumes your offer as a profit. Once this section is over, you can draft other sections to clearly explain the project and you can even take a reader into detail so that once the proposal is accepted a reader may not feel that a particular point has been left untold to him. Give details of your complete company profile with prestigious projects, legal certification and credentials for reliability and authenticity. In your offer letter, you should not overemphasize any point and make the proposal as brief and persuasive as possible.

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