Friday, October 22, 2010

Jump Into Your Best Life

Edmund Hillary said, "It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." It's true. We think it is the mountain that must be conquered but it is what's happening on the inside that paves the way.

Many people doubt that they can create something really significant in this world. Self-limiting thoughts creep in and they wonder if they have what it takes or question if they are worthy of it. When you're stepping into your greater greatness, a lot of emotions surface, like worry, doubt, blame, impatience, pessimism. The list goes on.

When I started my business and each time I decided to get to that next level, I remember the emotions. As I made these leaps, I would get this anxiousness, despite all of the ongoing personal development I've done. I want to share this with you, because as you begin to take it to the next level, you might see these same emotions and then can recognize it quicker.

Early on when growing my business, I made decisions based on my short-term thinking. I would see an opportunity and looked at what I didn't have to make "it" happen. You might get into this scarcity thinking, too, saying to yourself "gee, I don't have any money." I remember when I said that. Was it reality? No. I had money in the bank but I thought from a place of scarcity "but it has to last" I said to myself. Now, when presented an opportunity, I say, "what possibilities will this opportunity create?"

Spotting those self-limiting thoughts and feelings is so important to crossing into to your next level. I also remember when I stepped into a "new" level; I got this little self-limiting thought, "what if I failed." What I know now is there was a three-letter word getting in my way: Ego. The ego often serves as a stable sense of identity and self-image. It wants to keep the status quo. Your ego will filter out anything that doesn't fit into that status quo. If the real world is different from what the ego wants it to be, the ego secretly distorts that reality and creates one that fits what it wants.

The key is to raise your awareness to a higher self and, when you do, your conscious awareness then can reveal possibilities.

According to Best-Selling Author, John Ryder, PhD of Positive Directions, we have feelings that directly relate to the Lower Biological Nature or the Higher Spiritual Nature.

Feelings that are in the Lower Biological Nature include anger, blame, boredom, cynicism, overwhelm, pain, panic, pessimism, and worry. The list goes on. These are feelings of the ego that that keep the status quo and often come up when we're making a really big change.

Feelings that are in the Higher Spiritual Nature include appreciation, commitment, eagerness, enthusiasm, faith, happiness, trust, and openness, to name a few. Notice how you may be feeling even when just reading those words.

"The key to transforming lower into higher emotions is to first identify the negative emotion, then find the most opposite feeling among the list of positive emotions." states John Ryder, PhD.

For example, fear is a self-limiting emotion. Recognize when you're allowing fear to stop you and identify its opposite emotion. Draw two columns and label one Lower Biological Nature and Higher Spiritual Nature. When your self-limiting or self-sabotaging feelings come up, like fear, anxiousness, or worry, write them down in the Lower Biological Nature column. Then, identify its opposite higher spiritual nature.

Notice when you find yourself procrastinating on a decision or other self-limiting behavior. Then, look at the underlying emotion. Notice what limitations you're putting on yourself. The moment you identify the self-limiting emotion, shift to its opposite emotion. Identify the emotions that will help you step toward your desired life.

Imagine for a moment your best life. You see it clearly in front of you and you're feeling confident, excited, content, and happy. You're ready to step ahead and a little voice is on your shoulder buzzing scared, panic, hesitation and worry in your ear. Inside you know if you buy in to that buzzing, you're Forgetting Everything is All Right (FEAR).

Instead, you look straight ahead with a big smile on your face and feel yourself overcome with confidence, happiness, self assurance and take a big giant step forward raising your arms in triumph.

With practice, you will see the switch happen quicker. Before you know it, you're conquering fear, moving toward those possibilities and jumping into to your best life.

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