Monday, October 11, 2010

Weakening Increased Plasma Lcd Input

As a veteran television companies, from January to May this year, Changin g performance can be "quite satisfactory" to describe, although the data reflect the Changing i s not very ideal, but if the combination of the earthquake adverse effects, we brave and strong to evaluate Changing no exaggeration, but this also L et us see the hope of Changing.

From the data point of view, 1-May, Changing LCD TV The retail volume share 5.29%, to 3.84 per

cent retail share. Changing plasma TV's 17.37% share of retail sales, retail sales share of 13.84%. From this data analysis, we

can clearly feel the first half of this year, Changing has increased the Plasma TV Inputs, LCD side has weakened, LCD TV retail volume and retail sales have dropped

out of the

rankings the top 10.

Effort to create the plasma business to bring a good return Changing. In the market, the Changing 17.37% of the market sits at 17.97%, Mutsuhito's market share. Sh

are in retail sales, the Changing

13.84% of market share and market share of 28.

62% Mutsuhito very different. H

owever, while retail volume share of more than Changing Hi sense 1 percentage point lower, but the share of retail sales of Changing Hi sense than 1 per

centage point higher, and in the average price of Plasma TV Hi sense also higher than the 500, it can be said, Changing has grown into the first camp of domestic plasma

brand. But the relative Panasonic, Hitachi, these enterprises, Chungking's profit margins to be further expanded.

In prices, as Japanese an

d Korean brands in the LCD TV price war, resulting in Changing LCD TV forced to take low-cost marketing strategies to win market share. However, plasma products, Changing TV prices reflect the rigid side, similar strategies and Panasonic, and Hitachi did not like the way ultra-low prices to win market promotion, and even 42-inch products Changing

average selling price is also higher than the Hitachi 500 element, so the relative profit and protected, in the plasma market and the profits gained double harvest.

The product side, the fir

st half of this year, Changing, in addition to increasing the production of plasma ratio, still some special features of products spared the article. For example the combination of stars on the 9th begin broadcasting satellite digital TV, Changing released the industry's first full-model digital TV can be upgraded one machine (U-DTV). Upgrade their digital TV

packages in the terrestrial digital TV upgrade module, digital broadcasting and broadband transmission in the field of Legend Silicon GB third generation of chip-wide model for the product provides strong technical support. All models can be upgraded, Changing, this practical design has been recognized by consu


In marketing, Changhon

g, the performance of the first half of a well and did not give us much surprise.

But after the earthquake in Enchain, Changing the first time personnel were divided into two parts, one active in the production, on the other hand to support relief and reconstruction. Actively involved in the production of the answer given is to ensure plasma Changing Panel Factory Olympics Pre-production, which allows us to see Chungking's strong; others involved in post-disaster reconstruction to get the maximum brand of Chungking's release.

Recently, Changing You Xian Shaun COC Display Devices Co., Ltd. replenishment of one billion yuan, Changing plasma panel plant will certainly be put into operation later this year, which Changing, plasma industry and even China Flat Panel TV Industry is concerned, would be a strong push. Changing shown from the strong point of view, Changing, China's ability to re-picking up change TV Present Situation of the flag.

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