Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Options Of Commercial Interior Lighting

When you begin considering the lighting systems you wish to use you will need to determine how many employees will in the room along with the tasks they will be performing. The glow of the lights is also very important especially for those working on computers as bright lights can place a glare on the screen and make your employees become tired long before the end of the day. Will the lights need to stay on during the entire day in each room or are there rooms that will only be used a small portion of the day.

In most cases, warehouses and factories use cool burning fluorescent lights in the areas as the bulbs will not need replaced as often, they reduce power consumption, and produce only minimal heat. Halogen lights on the other hand provide glare free lighting, which may be best in rooms where computers are used or employees are working at desks.

As you are installing lighting systems in your commercial building or office you should consider sensor lighting for any room that is not needed all the time. These rooms can include the warehouse, break rooms, offices, and bathrooms. In these rooms, most employees always forget to turn off lights when they leave the bathroom or any other room especially when carrying supplies from the warehouse. If you have sensor lighting in these areas, you will actually save money as the lights will come on automatically when someone enters and turn off automatically when they no longer sense movement for a few minutes.

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