Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Branding Value In Our Life

Brand can be define the identity of as specific product, service, or business which can take many form, including a name, symbol, color or slogan. That is straightforward enough but what is the value of a brand ? Well that is not so simple..

Our food and drink is branded , our cars are branded, even our utility providers are branded.even our utility providers are branded.

We make our purchases based on our impressions of these brands, their principles and their stories. Our product selections are a window to our characters and a brand who shares the same values as us as people, makes for a perfect consumer partnership - possibly one for life.

Brilliant branding is everywhere, from the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus, to what's sold in our office vending machines. In an economy that has started to mend, the value of your company's brand can make the difference between future business success, and potential business failure.
In a supermarket crammed aisle to aisle with products, we buy the brands we know and trust.

Why? Because we recognize the careful selection and quality control that product has undergone. Each of those brands have past test after test to deserve their right to be on that supermarket shelf.

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