Friday, March 25, 2011

Business Man and Tourist Persons For Right Place : Yiwu Market

Places which you select for your business growth have specific purpose and objectives. All your money would be in vain if you do not meet your objectives after visiting any particular business place in your tour. Along with achieving your objective you also need to have some fun to get relaxed and to enjoy the specialty of that places that your have visited for your business. Sometimes it is hard to find a place which you can choose for your business as well as for fun. Let's discuss about one particular place that i know which fulfill both requirement of business and fun.

If you are thinking about having successful business tour along with experiencing the culture of the place. Yiwu market is the perfect place that you must include in your journey. Yiwu is the one of the city in China with great history and Chinese culture. The city had been named from name of the king and get name "Yiwu" in 1998. The city has great forts and places which have been built by king in his memory. The city has been divided in fie sub-districts and Yiwu  market covers the 2,600,000 sq m of business area with more than 50,000 of business booths.

If we talk about the tourism industry, Yiwu has so many historical places to visit and so many things to enjoy. Spa therapy is special attraction of it which you must experience to get your body relaxed. You can also attend small crash course of karate to protect yourself from others. It is the combination of history and modern architecture. It has finest hotels and if you enjoy sea food, you would get various types of creatures to eat and enjoy. So this way tourism industry has also seen remarkable growth along with sourcing ratio. Let's talk about Yiwu market with aspect of business exposure.

Because of its product exporting ratio, the city is also known as international trade city. Every year there is a new agencies investing in the market and importing different products to other places. If we talk about the products, it has market for each and every kind of products. Jewelry, toys, handicraft, electronic and stationery are the main products which people used to import. Because of its economic growth and increasing foreign investment, it has become one of the largest wholesale markets in china. It has daily average visits of 2000 person and featuring 3, 20,000 different kinds of products. There is around 30,000 factories and more than 10,000 wholesalers in Yiwu market.

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