Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Should the Media Care?

 Who cares if you wrote a book or stared a new business that you're really excited about? Is your enthusiasm going to pay your bills and earn you the kind of status you've been working hard to achieve? Is that gung-ho attitude going to allow you to break "even" on the money you've already invested in your project?
while having a positive attitude is important to pursuing your goals, Your book or Business may do ok by word of mouth and pres releases but just think of what could happen with something called mega publicity.
 No, i am not talking avout one radio or newspaper interview in your community. I am referring to your ability to reach the masses.

Build a Media Plan 

Identify the radio and or television shows your would like to be interviewed on. Listen to those programs so you cn get an idea of the interviewing style of the host. Find out the kind of topics he or she tends to focus on to see if you would be a good fit for their show. The worst thing you can do is send an email or media release to someone who focuses on politics and you want to talk about gardening. Also, it certainly doesn't hurt to let the host know you listened to particular show and how much you enjoyed it as you pitch yourself as a guest. Some people may call it :brown-nosing." I say, "It works!"

Another things: If you know you're going to be on vacation in particular area on a specific date, contact the station in that market and let them know you'll be available. You don't have tell them you're on vacation-just that you'll b in the area. And don't be afraid to hype up the fact that the Host is getting a great opportunity to interview you.

Don't forget about newspapers Find out if they have p guest columnist  slot and see how you can get an article place there. Also write a letter to the Editor regarding an issue that might be related to your book (or business) and make sure your use your author or business signature at the end.


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