Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Very Confidently Questions Answering BPO Interview

One of the biggest is about the interview process. A huge problem most people have is that they go in expecting the interview to be like any other application process and to easily land the job is they are somewhat confident and know the facts they need to know. This thought process is going to result in you missing out on opportunity after opportunity in BPO career field.

One thing you must understand, is these jobs are not dead set on finding a person with a specific skill set in a technical area. While understanding the industry is important, it is much more important to be able to rarely it to the interviewer confidently. The ironic thing about BPO interview questions is that the interview rarely will have direct knowledge over your area of expertise. Since BPO jobs literally have hundreds of people working on different project at the same time, it is very common for your superiors to know very little about what your will be doing. This is why it is more important to come across well in these interviews than it is to focus on the technical knowledge.

Even though it make little sense, a person that smiles a lot and carries themselves well usually beat out a highly qualified applicant in these interviews. While this may seem unfair,  you can also greatly use it to your advantage. Something you must focus on is speaking  clearly and confidently. This means projecting your voice and having a very sure of your self tone. If you answers questions like you are absolutely sure of the answer, the interviewer will probably assume you are right.

You would also be very surprised to learn how important body language is in these interviews. Perhaps the most defining factor these companies need in an employees is stability and confidence. This is because you will often have to directly speak with many potential customers, and if they cannot rely on you do it with zero hesitation you will probably not get the job. The best way to show how sure of your self you are is by simply holding yourself in a strong fashion . Sitting up straight, making eye contact, and smiling are simple things that have a dramatic effect on the interview.
Overall, just remember that while knowing your skill set  is important it is crucial to be able to convey that  you are a reliable person. By focusing on how you  present yourself you will be head and shoulders above the average applicant.

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