Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to Select Unique Your Bar's Name

The most crucial element of your future marketing efforts has to be addressed by selecting your bar's name. Why is it crucial to choose a good name? How does it help your build your bar business?

Name Build Brands

You may not realize it, you shop based on brands in some areas of your life. Do you buy Tylenol or Advil? Those are brands that consumers trust for the values they get from it. As a bar owner, you have to build value (bold). A good brand will enable your business to automatically convey what you to offer, without even having to tell customer directly.

Name Build Your Online Presence

When (there is no "if") you start a website about your bar, the name will be the most important elements in your online marketing opportunities. The domain name, the name of the website in the top bar, matches exactly with your bar name, then you will rank higher in the search engines when customers type in your bar's name.

Naming Your Bar

The name you choose for your bar should match up to the theme or style our your bar. You wouldn't name your bar the Hawaiian Mango if the theme was about the Kansas City Chiefs would you? When you choose your name, look at your competition's name to see how theirs match the theme, and how you can be different form them.

Here are few ways to name your bar.

Geographic Location

The easiest and most common bar names are based o where the bar is located in a give area.

Words: State, County, City, Region, Country, Mountain, River, Lake, Sea, Beach, Ocean, Station, Depot, Stop, Room, Lobby, House

If you know what theme the bar will have, why not add that to your name?

Words: Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Roll, '50s/60s/70s/etc, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Biker, Musician, Poetry, Seafood, Pizza, Steak, Hamburgers

Type Of Bar

The type of bar can also be added for emphasis.

Word: Bar, Pub, Tavern, Saloon, Place, Lounge, Joint, Corner, Cafe, Grill, Ye Older, Inn, Manor, Sports Bar, Speakeasy

Example name:

The Missouri Blues Tavern, San Antonio Saloon, Bob's Football Bar and Grill, Sue's Seaside Corner, Jack's Beer and Pizza, The Poetry Lounge

By no means don't let this list confine you! Your can add anything (well almost anything) to your bar's name. Add colors (blue, red, green), texture (gritty, smooth, etc), or a relatives name (Aunt Mary's , Uncle Bill, Cousin Matt). The possibilities are endless, but once you choose your name it cannot be changed readily. It will stick to your bar business for a long time!

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