Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lecterns For Use A Product At An Exhibition

It all products demonstration or a talk on the services your company provides. If you have never previously used before there are a few important things to consider and remember. 

Setting Up

Portable lecterns, also known as podiums, are extremely easy to set up, needing no tools for construction and only 5 minutes of your time ti erect. The position of you lectern in terms of its placing in your exhibition stand is very important, you want your exhibition display, graphics and products to form an impressive backdrop behind you. You should have all your notes ready and placed on the lecterns slanted top before it's time to speak, you don't want to be rusting papers whilst giving your talk. Having a glass of water is usually a good idea as talking to a large crowd is intimidating to even seasoned speakers and a dry mouth can be likely outcome from nerves. Also taking a sip of water can be an excuse to take a look at your notes if you need to be prompted on your next area of discussion.

Using the Microphone Correctly

Before the event  is open to the public it is prudent to check the sound level on your lecterns microphone as it would be quite embarrassing to being to give your talk and no one can hear you, equally embarrassing will be if your sound is so loud it's at an uncomfortable level for listeners. The perfect level should be achieved when you are talking 8-10 inches from the microphone whilst is pointed directly at your mouth. You will not want to have to lean in and speak directly in to the mic to be heard , or stand well back from the lectern and not be able to read your notes.

Moving Around the Lectern

try and always keep your face pointed at the podium, even if your body way swing to the left or right as to gesture towards product, otherwise the sound of your voice will trail off.

Of course you could pick a microphone option that can be handled and this will allow you leave the lectern completely, which is a good idea as simply standing behind the podium the whole talk not grab the audience as a brief excursion may attract more attention.

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