Monday, June 13, 2011

Making The Sale : Clay Beads

A Seller of clay bead you know that it can often be difficult to close the sale and make the money you need to keep your business running. Granted, this list is not exhaustive, but in this articles I will share with you some tips that can help you increases your sales and improve your conversion rates.

1.  Build a mailing list - These days you can either build a mailing list getting addresses and sending out traditional mailers or you can gather email addresses and send out the occasional email newsletter. I prefer the latter option as people are more likely to give you their email address and this option is more cost effective. Plus this option allows your to make more instant contact and track data about how successful your email newsletters are in bringing in sales. Why is building a milling list important? People cannot buy your product if they do not know what your are selling. You could have the best clay beads at the best prices in the world but if no no one knows about them it does not matter. Mailers give you an easy way to do this. Also, people like to buy from whom they trust. Sending these mailers will help you build that trust relationship and in turn increase your sales.

2.  Have a sale or offer a coupon - The is an effective strategy and easy to do if you have built a mailing list of some kind. You do not have to make it a big sale as you do not want to go bankrupt, but you do want to make it big enough that it will be enticing for your customers. The other added bonus here is that people tend to buy above and beyond what sale or the coupon offers so you are able to make lots add k on sales.

3.  Hire a consultant - This can be costly so you may want this to be a last resort. But if your sales are not increasing you may want to consider having someone come look at your store or your website and give you tips for how you can improve. These people are experts in understanding how customers think and can be great resource of information for you.

Selling clay beads is a great business but if you are not making sales you will not last long Hopefully these tips will help improve your sales and your conversion rates.

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