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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Definnation Of Medical Terminology Translation

Most people are not aware of what the translation industry is all about. The only thing that people know is that the translation industry helps in translation literally millions of pages each year, thus enabling different countries communication with each other despite language barriers. In fact, the translation industry generates a huge volume of business and is expected to account for more than $25 billion by 2015. However, the sad reality is that 99% of what people speak or write never gets translation and remains in the same language it was spoken or written first. When it comes to medical and health care industry, there are a number of reasons as to why medical terminology translation is important. Let us explore some of the reasons.

Saving Lives

There are many people around the world who travel to other countries to access specialized medical services. Such people may not be fluent or well versed with the language of the country they are traveling to. In such instances, it is always better to hire a professional medical language translation company / translation who are not only fluent in the native language but also in England or in the language you speak. This will ensure proper interpretation and help in the medical terminology translation process .

When looking for a reliable medical translation, look for someone who is from the medical profession and knows what is being translation. This way, errors which can lead to wrong diagnosis and treatment can be avoided, thereby saving lives.

Effective Distribution

With the rapid growth of the medical industry, there is a huge amount of research and innovation going on in different parts of the world. For instance if you have developed a new treatment procedure and want to share it with other medical professionals in different parts of the world, you will need very high quality medical terminology translation so that information is translated in exactly the same way would have wanted it to be.

Likewise, when you deal with diagnosis manuals, procedure manuals and other such material, the medical language translation has to be very accurate since these manuals may be used by doctors, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, student and others.

Similarly, there is a lot of research data being developed different parts of the world. If this data has to be used in other parts of the globe. It has to be written and translated in the language that is different from yours. This means there is a need for accurate medical terminology translation so that the data can be used effectively.


Pharmaceutical companies produce medicines and sell it in different parts of the world. Hence, it is very important that labeling and insert are translated into different language. In many countries around the world, It is mandatory to have inserts and labels in the native language. This means you will require accurate medical language translation so that you can reach out to the targeted market quickly and efficiently. Thus, if you want to make sure that people from different parts of the world use your products and services, ensure that the labels and insert are translated in the targeted languages.

Roger is an associated with leading Medical Language Translation offers Medical Device Translation globally. He has expertise in providing Software Localization and translation Clinical to health care, pharmaceutical / Clinical Companies.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Five Famous Letter Logos

 Why some trademarks are more popular than others?

Is it because they have used a single letter for their brand marks which makes it easier for people to recognize and remember it?

Well, it may be the simplicity of the design but that is coupled with a smart use of colors, ideas and branding strategy.

Let's have a look why some of the famous letter logos designs that are more popular than the rest

1.  McDonald's :

This is probably one of the most popular emblems of all time. I doubt if there is any kid in America who does not recognize the golden arches.

So what makes it so different from others?

It is the simplicity and consistency of the design along with smart use of colors. The bold and bright yellow color has often been associated with laughter and good times and is known to be attractive and eye catching. But it is also the branding strategy, the huge letter Ms in front of the McDonalds restaurants that can be spotted from a mile away, which makes a special place in our minds for this company.

2.  Superman :

This symbol is so popular that it can be the official symbol for justice, courage and strength around the world. The red colored letter S encompassed in a yellow colored diamond shape with blue background is the perfect representation for all the values that this super hero stands for. The letter S was chosen to represent the sun and strength, the diamond for its rock hard and valuable qualities, the red color for energy and yellow for the sun's color. The dark blue background depicts trust and dependability.  In a nutshell, it is the wise choice in the color and crafting that make this logo one of the most easily recognizable symbols in the world.

3.  Unilever :

No other company has covered  its business values in the business mark like this company has. This FMGG Corporation stands by the value to produce only pure and hygienic food products for it customers and their trademark depicts the same. It  consists of the letter U that is made up of tiny images of leaves, flowers , birds and trees. Along with that the combination of blue and white colors is used that gives it a classic and sophisticated appeal Blue is a color that encourages trust and dependability which makes it the perfect color for this corporation.

4.  Honda :

How can you design a single letter H to be sleek, sophisticated and timeless?

Learn from Honda!

Their symbol consists of a soft edged silver colored letter that is covered by a curvy edged square. The combination of silver with white is what gives this brand mark a timeless look.

5.  Kellogg's  - Special K :

Special k is a low fat cereal that claims to give you a health and fitness along with weight loss. For that the perfect letters logo would be one that depicts energy, fun and liveliness and this company has done exactly that. The curvy fonts of the letter k along with the bright red color are attractive, seductive and chic.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Decorate And Promote Your Business

Effective marketing strategies play an important role in promoting different types of business. It is a way of keeping any business grows and stays in the market for a longer period of time. We all know that competition is so stiff in any given type of business and staying afloat in the market need a lot of effort and investment as the same time. Thus, a good marketing strategy is very important to make any given goals realized.

Many business establishments are trying to improve the quality of their signage to attract more customers. It is an effective way to present the business establishment and during night, exterior commercial light shade is used to give light to the signage for better visibility. The even distribution of light brought by the commercial emblem reflector gives the bright effect to the signage making it noticeable even at a distance. The commercial emblem shade will make it possible for a simple yet presentable signage visible even at the distance during night.

The commercial emblem reflector boasts the light and distributes it evenly to the surface of the signage. The effect make a clear view of the signage the even the small words are evident. It is said that a good presentation of any advertising tool is an effective way of promoting any products or service. Visibility is very important because it will lead your customer to the right place at night plus you will also inform and encourage prospective clients to visit your business and try the products or service offered.

Commercial emblem reflector is also important not only for signage but also for the entrance of any business establishment. It will give a luminous light that will emphasize the facade of the structure. It will also give a better presentation of the products display at the entrance and glass windows of any business. Such displays will attract passers to check and try the products and service offered by the store. There is no better ways to attract customers at night than to create a lighted store that offers comfort and security.

Moreover, manufacturers have different design to choose from to address business establishment's preferences. The products were designed to property address the needs of clients by creating energy efficient metal halide with solid fluorescent sockets which will help business save from electric consumptions. It is one of the great concerns of every business, to save , that is why all products being manufactured will give better output.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Zealand Dairy Farming Industry

The dairy industry in New Zealand plays a large part in our economy contributing 25% of total merchandise export earnings. It is the biggest export earner and is a well-known and reputable industry with a thrilling future. New Zealand all-grass farming system, large-scale processing, high research and developments investment and creative marketing make it a world class outfit.

This industry has been incredibly successful at varying and branching out with both its products and the number of market it exports to. The product range from top quality goods such as milk powders, butter and cheese through to specialty foods like infant formula milk powders with very specialised ingredients like spray-dried milk proteins, active pharmaceutical lactose, protein hydrolysed and freeze-dried biologically active proteins.
Alongside this, growing trends in the industry include new functional foods such as low-fat, high calcium and protein milk. Biomedical and bio health products are also developing trends in the industry.

Over the last five years the industry in New Zealand has grown substantially. There is always strong supply and demand for dairy cows for sale as cow and heifer numbers have increased by about 10% during this time and the growth does not look close to dissipating. This expansion has occurred because other agricultural divisions have shifted land out of these areas and into dairying or dairy support.

During the time period of 2008 and 2009 New Zealand had 11,618 dairy herds and 4.25 million dairy cows and heifers in milk. In recent times the number of dairy cows and heifers has only  increased with the dairy herds declining . If you're looking for dairy cows for sale Holstein-Friesian is the main dairy cow breed in New Zealand with the 43% making up the total New Zealand also produces around 2% if the worlds dairy production with 16 billion litres per annum. Most of the is exported however contrasting from countries where the products remain in the domestic market.

New Zealand exports the largest amount of butter compared to any other country contributing 44% of all traded butter. Skim and whole milk powders are also significant exports with 27% and 38% correspondingly. Top quality specialty cheese products have become increasingly popular in recent time with over 30 different boutique cheese makers, as well as award-winning goats' milk cheeses. There has also been a rise in organic dairy farms; it has developed and increasing presence in the dairy sector in New Zealand. Fonterra, the largest dairy company, has several organic dairy suppliers.