Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Zealand Dairy Farming Industry

The dairy industry in New Zealand plays a large part in our economy contributing 25% of total merchandise export earnings. It is the biggest export earner and is a well-known and reputable industry with a thrilling future. New Zealand all-grass farming system, large-scale processing, high research and developments investment and creative marketing make it a world class outfit.

This industry has been incredibly successful at varying and branching out with both its products and the number of market it exports to. The product range from top quality goods such as milk powders, butter and cheese through to specialty foods like infant formula milk powders with very specialised ingredients like spray-dried milk proteins, active pharmaceutical lactose, protein hydrolysed and freeze-dried biologically active proteins.
Alongside this, growing trends in the industry include new functional foods such as low-fat, high calcium and protein milk. Biomedical and bio health products are also developing trends in the industry.

Over the last five years the industry in New Zealand has grown substantially. There is always strong supply and demand for dairy cows for sale as cow and heifer numbers have increased by about 10% during this time and the growth does not look close to dissipating. This expansion has occurred because other agricultural divisions have shifted land out of these areas and into dairying or dairy support.

During the time period of 2008 and 2009 New Zealand had 11,618 dairy herds and 4.25 million dairy cows and heifers in milk. In recent times the number of dairy cows and heifers has only  increased with the dairy herds declining . If you're looking for dairy cows for sale Holstein-Friesian is the main dairy cow breed in New Zealand with the 43% making up the total New Zealand also produces around 2% if the worlds dairy production with 16 billion litres per annum. Most of the is exported however contrasting from countries where the products remain in the domestic market.

New Zealand exports the largest amount of butter compared to any other country contributing 44% of all traded butter. Skim and whole milk powders are also significant exports with 27% and 38% correspondingly. Top quality specialty cheese products have become increasingly popular in recent time with over 30 different boutique cheese makers, as well as award-winning goats' milk cheeses. There has also been a rise in organic dairy farms; it has developed and increasing presence in the dairy sector in New Zealand. Fonterra, the largest dairy company, has several organic dairy suppliers.

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