Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Many Reasons For Move To Your Business

There are many reasons for finding yourself in a position to want to move your business, from practical to financial considerations. It could be that your don't own the property you are currently operating out of, and you need to move to bought property to minimise your outgoings. On the other hand, you may have realised you are not in the optimum area for your business or that your manufacturing property is actually worth more in real estate.

Should any of these situations arise, you're sure to find yourself faced with all of the challenges of moving an established business. This challenge doesn't  have to be a negative on however, with the right careful planning, you can present the move as an opportunity.

First of all, you need to investigate potential places to move to and you're likely to want to employ the help of a property specialist, to ensure you make the right choice. Once you've established your new base, it's a good idea to write a timeline to help you make sure you're able to effectively organize all of the aspects of the move

You'll also need to very clearly split and apportion tasks to outside contractors and internal members of your team, ensuring all areas of responsibility have been covered. This is also a good time to investigate any permits or new types of insurance you may need to secure for your new premises. Shop around to ensure your find a reputable and trustworthy moving firm, and fill them in on all of your specific needs at the earliest possible date.

Be sure to pay several visits to your new building before the proposed moving date, and give your electrical or IT team plenty of time to create floor plans. This is the only way you can safely assume that all of your machinery and IT equipment will be quickly and easily accommodated after the move. You will also want to carry out an inventory of your current premises and work out how much of your assets need to come with you and which should be sold or stripped before moving.

Apply for new phone and fax numbers and organize an internet connection as a priority and ensure these will be operational prior to move. This is crucial if you want your switchover to be as smooth as possible, as even a small amount of downtime can cost you dearly as a company

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