Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Safety Tips for Working in a Factory

One major advancement in helping this turnaround become possible is the ability for employees to obtain lightweight, durable and affordable footwear that meet the safety guideline put in place. Working in hazardous environment has always had a "risk factor" for anybody employed in these lines of work but now with advances in technology the risk are diminishing.

For example, the safety shoes of yesterday have been transformed over past decade due to consumer demand for the latest fashions and trends. What choice of safety footwear did employees have in the 1960's? The only available choice of footwear was the black hobnail boot. It was great for the purpose of protecting your feet on the building site but not so much when you wanted to socialize after a long hard day.

Manufacturers have gradually increased the range of safety footwear available and today the market is full of colourful, lightweight and durable products that would not look out of place in the trendy establishments these important products have helped to build over the years.

Health and safety in the workplace has never been as important as it is today. It has become a huge task for the manufacturers of safety footwear to deliver a products is aesthetically pleasing and also protects the user in the rigours of their day-to-day activities.

Included in this eye-catching assortment of safety footwear is the latest trend for steel toe cap trainers. Market leaders such as Hi- Tec. Cat and Lavoro have developed footwear that is as protective as steel toe cap boot but also includes the "must have" qualities for today's fashion conscious consumers. These manufacturers, along with many more have each designed a range of safety trainers that are;

  1. Lightweight 
  2. Flexible 
  3. Durable 
  4. Water resistant
  5. Hard-wearing 
  6. Meet safety standards set down by the governing bodies
For instance, the Lavoro Homestead safety trainer is equipped with a steel the cap and a Kevlar plate built into the sole of the shoe to give maximum protection in the workplace. Whilst it ensurers the owner is protected from any  dangers that they may face in the work environment, it also looks stylish and is lightweight so can be worn after or at social occasions when the need arises.

It is now impossible to differentiate between the latest steel toe cap trainers and similar products produced for leisure purposes unless they are very closely examined.

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