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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Secure with Steel Door and Steel Frames

When a passageway requires utmost security, there's no doubt for having a combination of steel doors and steel frames. The steel combo provides maximum strength and durability, not to mention resistance against the elements. A side from strength, steel features incredible visual qualities, which further enhances the appeal of a structure or building. Whilst there are other alternatives for securing opening and passages, steel is something that can't be beat in a number of aspect.

Steel Gateways in Action

Both frames and doors from a complete passageways system - entrance, exit or both. The system is designed to meet specific requirements as in the case of industrial, commercial or residential applications of steel shutters, steel doors, and the like. It's not new to see steel gates, shutters and door securing many business and office establishments. Even residential garages are almost always making use of steel for its doors.

Steel's Great Advantages

Doors and frames may be made in variable materials, including wood , aluminum and glass fro doors. However, steel is particularly in demand due to its strength and durability. Where safety of property and life are topmost priority, users need not be indecisive about steel for the doors and frames. Steel's high level of rigidity, versatility, and cost -effectiveness makes it a truly practical option for securing entrances, exits and other openings.

When compared with wood, steel doors are fire retardant and more cost-effective. They don't need to be as thick to be strong, whilst wood doors and frames have to be made of thick, hardwood to guarantee their strength and durability. Steel is more  hardware than wood, and it's only enemy is rust, which can be prevented by the application of anti-rust coating. Wood on the contrary, is vulnerable to many elements including moisture and termites.

When compared with aluminum, steel is heavier and sturdier, not easily bent and dented. When light-duty doors and frames are required, users can always opt for higher gauges of steel, which are thinner and lighter. When heavy-duty steel doors and frames are required, gauges 13, 14 and 12 may be used.

Steel's weaknesses Solved

Steel is prone to corrosion and rust. But galvanised steel offers higher degree of resistance against corrosion and rust. Steel may even be coated to prevent if from being exposed to air and moisture, which cause rust. When corrosion is a major concern and can undermine sanitation, stainless may be used instead. There are different steel alloys available for making steel doors and frames, and each has its own level of resistance against corrosion and rust, and each vary in strength, durability, and price.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Freelancing Money Making Ideas

Freelancing has been around for a number of years now, and is one of the money making ideas that has proven to be very successful for many. Freelancing means completing individual jobs for clients without being permanently hired. Essentially, you are hired to complete work as a specialist, and the employer ( or client) does not have to deal with the cost of hiring you full time.

In order to become a freelancer, one must have certain qualities and attributes, in addition to being skilled in their chosen field. These include:

Organizational skills.Since freelancing involves effectively running your own business, there has to be a high level of organisation involved. The processes for acquiring new business and maintaining good client relationships (referrals and repeat business ) need to be highly systematic.

Self discipline. It is highly important that a freelancing sticks to deadlines, and ensures that they do not waste time . For a freelancing time is literally money. If you lack the self-discipline., then this may note be one of the money making ideas suited for you.

Professionalism. When approaching clients with letters of application, or sales letters, your manner and tone should be highly professional. Clients, whether they are magazine editors or businesses, will expect you to be courteous and polite at all times. If you are informal or assume some kind of relationship with a client for example, it could well mean that they end up ignoring you or even become offended.

Initial Investment

When it comes to investing money and time, freelancing have the benefit of not having to worry too much about a huge financial outlay at the start. This is one of the biggest advantages of picking a money making idea like freelancing. If the business does begin to grow, then there may be a need for some more advanced marketing as time goes on.

initially though, money is not as important as time. Freelancers have to work very hard to acquire clients and building a reputation. As long as freelancers know the main investment will come from the time they put into building a reputation, they should manage the first few week and months comfortably.

How much can I make?

Freelancing is not one of those money making ideas that pays off immediately. Freelancers should not expect to make millions. However, a very comfortable six figure income is made by the very best in the field.

Which aspect of freelancing you work, in the harder you work the more money you will make. However, some types of freelancing naturally make more money  than others. It is important to understand that freelancers are often guided by the clients themselves.
Freelance writers, for example, are paid what a magazine or other client is willing to pay. once you are established tough, you can set your own rates.

Advantages of working as a Freelancer.

There are many advantages to working as a freelancers, including:

You can work your own hours. Within reason, you can pretty much set your own work day limits. Once you know how much work you have to do, you can work at any hour of the day. This allows for a lot of flexibility.

You can do what you love. If you have a passion, such as writing or photography, you can pursue a freelance career in that field. This is not always possible in salaried life, making this one of the most sought after money making ideas.

You can set your own pay levels. Once you are established and known for good work, you could soon find yourself in the position where you can work less, and decide how much you are going to charge. This is a particularly attractive aspect of the career path.

Disadvantages of Working as a Freelancer

There are disadvantages too, such as:

Pressure. It can be stressful when  you know that you are entirely responsible for the amount of money you make.

Difficult Clients. Sometimes clients may be unreasonable, or not pay on time. This causes a lot stress. There are ways to deal whit this, but a difficult client can cause a freelancer no end of stress.

Services offered in freelancing

Freelancers can offer a wide range of services, although man specialize in just one type. For example, here is a list of some of the services Not that this not a comprehensive list by any means, and you could probably convert any special skill you have into a freelancing career-

  • Writing
  • Photography 
  • Web design 
  • Flower arranging 
  • Accounting
  • Logo design 
  • Programming
  • Link building
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Audio/Video editing
Overall, freelancing can be rewarding and exciting way to make extra money. The intent of this article was to provide you with an overview of  what freelancing is all about.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Human Resources Letter

Did you know 53% of your workforce is not producing up to their capability? Mercer Consultants conducted a survey entitled what's working over the past two quarters among nearly 30,000 workers ina17 countries, including 2,400 workers in the US.

Here are the findings:

  • Nearly one in three (32%) of US workers is seriously considering leaving his or her organization at the present time.
  • Another 21% are not looking to leave but view their  employers unfavorably and have minimal loyalty, commitment or motivation.
Since two in five of your employees are not considering leaving, this issue is not simply about  finding a way to increase retention. In fact if you increase retention without improving attitude, the financial hit on the bottom line could be catastrophic to your company. Without some type of intervention your employee sentiment will continue to decline. Team building can be an important part that intervention.

No doubt you are aware of the value of team building activities with your organization, and you probably conduct team building events for one of these two reasons. The first reason ... Tradition! "Our company has always done an event at the annual meeting."Or"We like to do something physical, since there is so much sitting during session "Or" The employees expect it" The second reason is a decision to entertain the participants and break up a long series of meeting. Why? "Our CEO love go-karts." Or " We think it's important to have fun." Both of these are excellent reasons to do team building event. However, in my experience, companies tend to under-utilize the talents and capabilities of quality team building consulting. Addressing specific needs is possible in both the above scenarios.

Mindy Fox, A Senior Partner at Mercer says, "Diminished loyalty and widespread apathy can undermine business performance, particularly as companies increasingly look to their workforces to drive productivity gains and spur innovation."

This clearly calls for team building that goes beyond tradition and/or simple entertainment. Your employees need an event to improve their attitudes, motivation and professional performance.... not just another passive seminar. A quality team building company will assist you in assessing what critical needs exist. A careful analysis of how to address these needs should lead to recommendation to your management team.

The types of problems your team building could address are varied. For  example you might consider events to:

1. Engage participants in the over-arching goal of the meeting

2. Help employees to get to know one another

3. Improve intro-departmental cooperation

4. Raise the sensitivity of the participants toward each other

5. Bring laughter and lighten up the environment

6. Motivate the participants toward a new company goal

As an organization consultant, I'd lime every team building event to have a concrete, measurable goal. Remember tradition and entertainment don't rule out having real world goal. Having measurable goal will you to determine if the training produced a suitable return on investment. The behavior you want to modify must be observable. Let's compare two sample goals:

1.  We want the team to work together better.

2.  Team productivity will increase by 10% over the next three months and complaints to HR will be reduced by 25% .

Goal number one is a great outcome, but how will your management team decide if it is achieved? It is rather nebulous. Goal number two is more straightforward and allows your managers to do before and after measurements. This approach is essential in large companies where programs might be rolled out over thousands of employees. Your current team building professionals probably charge significant fees for employee training. One question to ask yourself is whether your company is getting a reasonable return on this expenditure?

Consider again these statistics..... Over half your work force is experiencing "diminished loyalty and widespread apathy. " As a Human Resource professional you must begin to look at team building as an effective tool to change the attitudes of your employees, increase their productivity, retain valuable workers and produce a positive RO!. Why wait until your next annual conference? Some of  your employees may already be preparing to change jobs.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

How To Get Good Financing For Your Business Venture

Take money to make money! There are costs to be covered by entrepreneurs seeking large amounts of $$$. Be prepared for what is a fair cost, and what is not...

"It takes money to make money" is very pertinent when it comes to raising  millions of $$$ for a new business. There are very real costs involved in creating that winning business you have in mind. You will soon find that the costs of employing professionals to work on your new project takes a lot of money- unless they are shareholders.. You also have the long list of licences, permits and approvals that you shall usually need to acquire. It can get to feel that you're paying out a lot of money. But that is part of the cost of securing your financial future - this stuff is necessary, and it costs money.

It's also true that when it comes to raising money from investors you have the costs of getting your business a top quality business plan, cash flow forecasts, and some basic modelling of the business to show that it's robust and 'bullet-proof' in changeable condition. There are also a few financing consultants who can guide you through the application process with an investor. If they are experienced and capable, they should know what the investor needs to feel safe investing in you and your project.

Without a good business plan you're not going to get to face-to-face with the investor to make your pitch. Many would-be business developers then find that approaching an investment source costs money too. A broker should only charge for success - a commission at settlement of your financing.

Be wary, and check everything. Since the Global Financial Crisis a huge amount of capital has been destroyed - severely liming the ability of banks and other financial institutions to fund investment. Be just as wary of the 'famous names' as you are of those you've never heard of... The company you approach may have been an active investor in the past, but check on how much they are currently investing.

However, an investor may also want to be paid for you lodging an application. This is valid - because they need to know who you are and whether you're 'credit-worthy'.

Investor due diligence costs you money - and it can be quite a lot of money. If the investor doesn't live in your country, they shall want to have their people travelling to make on-site inspections, face-to-face interviews with everyone associated with the project. They have to it's unavoidable. If you've been working with good people, who can deliver, then they shall be working 12-16 hours a day on the due diligence, and avoiding partying and girls. The other sort you don't want to be involved with..

Overall budget for the application process to be about 0.5% of what you're seeking. So if you're applying for US $50,000,000, that would involve costs of about US$250,000 in the whole process, application and investor due diligence.