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Friday, December 30, 2011

Increase Your Restaurant Business With Outdoor Dining Arrangements

You don't have an outdoor dining area, you could be missing out on large number of potential customers and short-changing your weekly income.

Don't be discouraged, though. With the addition of an outdoor dining space, you can increase your restaurant's capacity, build your revenue, and attract new customers.

Outdoor Dining and Your Restaurant

There are few factors to consider when you are thinking of creating an outdoor space for your restaurant.

Curb Appeal : Consider for a moment what attracts customers to your restaurant. Is it word of mouth? Smells of your exotic food? Your friendly staff? Now think about the many individuals who pass up your restaurant for the one down the street. Why do they do this? Unfortunately, the reality may have nothing to do with how your food tastes or what kind of reputation you have. It may have to do with what your restaurant looks like on the outside. If it isn't appealing, many individuals will simply walk on by, not even giving you a chance to win over their stomachs. With an outdoor dining space, you can create a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere that will attract may new customers to your door.

Sheep Mentality : Individuals often follow other's actions, especially when choosing what restaurant, clothing store, or business is "hot." By simply adding an outdoor dining space to your restaurant, you can take control of this mentality. When potential customers see your customers enjoying themselves outdoors, their interest is automatically peaked. According to a Philadelphia restaurant consultant, Peter Breslow, this is because seeing  the dining experience is like watching a commercial in real life. You get to experience all of the sights and smells, which can be incredibly seductive.

Weather : A big issue you may have with outdoor dining is  the weather. However, this can easily be taken care of. Take for example restaurant in Arizona. During the the hottest months of the year, you might imagine customers wanting to scramble indoors to enjoy the air conditioning. However, restaurants in this state use misting to help cool down their customers wish to eat all fresco. For cooler months, gas heaters and fireplaces can warm up an outdoor space, allowing you to extend your outdoor hours later into the night and year. For rainy, snowy, and even sunny days, consider using awnings to protect your customers from weather.

Seating : Increasing your seating with outdoor dining can greatly increase your revenue. According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, just 20 extra seats outside can increase your revenue by up to 20% during certain times of the year, like spring and fall, when temperatures are perfect for outdoor eating. More seating also allows you to sever more customers at one time, so your loyal clients do not have wait hours for a table to open up.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Making The Right Diagnosis

A surgeon doesn't just walk into an operating room, see the patient lying on the tale and start cutting instead, they enter prepared, armed with a history of assessments, diagnostics, and patient background. They understand the source of the problem before they ever set foot in the room. When the do operate, they do so with a full-fledged plan, knowing exactly what it is they need to address.

Training sales staff, while maybe not quite as life and death , involves much the same dynamic. As a Training Director, you can't shoot blind and hope to meet the needs of each salesperson. There is no one-size-fits-all sales training. Salespeople are unique, each with their own strengths  and challenges. The best sales training recognizes and addresses this.

Let's look at an example. As a national sales assessments and sales training company, one of the most common requests we receive from training departments are requests to teach their salespeople how to handle rejection. Our question back to them is always the same.

Are you sure salespeople are capable of handling rejection?

There are two types of sales skills: hard skills and personal skills. Hard skills include things that can be taught, such as product and industry  knowledge transfer.

More difficult to assess (and address) are personal skills. Personal skills include things such as self-image, practical thinking, empathy, and coach ability. Personal skills involve first an awareness and, second, a behavioral change.

The ideal is to marry hard and "soft," or personal, skills in a  complete sales training program. Both skill sets must be assessed. Otherwise, your sales managers and directors won't know if they're facing a coaching situation (personal skills) or a knowledge transfer issue (hard skills) when dealing with a sales rep who, for example, has difficulty overcoming objections.

It's not uncommon for our personality assessments to reveal that a salesperson struggling with handling rejection is an approval seeker. This is a personal skills issue. You as a Training Director can pay good money to teach that salesperson every sales technique there is about how to handle rejection, but it's not going to stick. If they're intrinsically wired to shut down the minute they receive and objection or rejection, no amount of hard skills training can fix that.

Alternatively, sometimes there are just knowledge gaps, like how to process an order, that need to be addressed and involve little to no coaching.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

CCTV Is Third Eye

The Technology has been developed to give the police a technical support to identify the criminals and eliminate the innocent civilians from the camera footage. With the help of this technology a person can be followed across multiple cameras and areas. The technology is to teach the computer specific public behaviour, which is termed as Trigger Behaviour and can collate the video footage of before and after the incident of help the police create the entire history of the incident. Smart CCTV can also trace the person with specific behaviour after the person leaves the area of incident and identify the law breakers as to when and where they entered the scene of crime.

The idea of Smart CCTV is that when the CCTV camera finds something suspicious, it alerts a human operator. For example, people ween lurking in certain area or a car moving too fast or too slow, indicating joyriding or kerb crawling can trigger an alarm. The human CCTV operator will then check the footage and decide whether or not to send a police officer to investigate.

Portsmouth City council is the first UK local authority to use Smart CCTV. The entire network of the city with 152 surveillance cameras is now integrated to the Smart CCTV and has been programming to identify the specific and unusual behaviour. Smart CCTV eliminates the unnecessary footage saving time and energy of the police department to concentrate only on the relevant footage.

Smart CCTV is a part of a project create an IP CCTV Camera surveillance system to provide solution to wider aspects of privacy concerns. The project has the European collaboration and is named ADDPRIV. The highlight of the this technology is the automatic elimination and deletion of the excessive video footage data. The scheme is running on trail with the city council in Portsmouth and if, it proves to be successful, rest of the UK cities will also have the technology to identify the specific behaviour of law breakers and criminals.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Plastic Buckets - Use and Displaying Items for Your Organisation

Many businesses or organizations use clear plastic buckets. Also individuals who like to store large quantities of items look to buckets to meet their needs. These containers are perfect for transporting, displaying or storing items. If you business is in need of buckets for food storage, there are a few things to keep in mind. Not all plastic buckets are suitable for food storage.

Sometimes manufacturers add dye to the plastic. This dye alone will prevent the FDA from approving it as food grade. Other manufacturers use recycled HDPE. These also are not food grade. When something is put in a bucket that is not food, this makes it no longer food grade plastic.HDPE plastic is porous and because of this, it absorbs chemicals, which leach back into food items you place in the bucket later.

Obviously using the wrong container could contaminate the food you are storing. The negative impact on your food could in turn have a negative impact on you your family's health or your customer's health (if you operate in a retail or restaurant environment ). That's why it's very important to feel confident you are buying only the safest container for your food items. It is advisable to use containers that are made of PET or polyethylene terephthalate.

The Food and Drug Administration has found PET to be safe around food items. This is because it does not leech hamful chemicals into the food it is coming in contact with. When considering food storage in plastic buckets, one must take into account whether the containers protect the food from the inside and outside. With PET, food is protected from gases, moisture and airborne smells.

Another great feature of PET plastic is it is durable, yet lightweight. Because of the durability, there will be less worry about the container cracking or breaking. When it comes to food storage the safety of the product is paramount. No one wants to worry that the contents of the plastic bucket have been compromised in any way. So it's best to find a plastic bucket that can withstand some impact. PET plastic can do just that.

As and added bonus PET plastic is easily recyclable. It can be made into a variety of products, including more PET plastic containers. This is very important because you know if you do want to replace your buckets they are an environmentally sound choice.

Now you may be wondering, "If I want to use clear plastic buckets for food storage, how will I know which ones are safe? your best bet would be to find a reputable, experienced plastics manufacturers who specializes in clear plastic FDA approved plastics.

If you're considering using plastic buckets for food storage you may want to find a manufacturer that offers handles and different types of lids. That way you know the food will stay safe.With an airtight lid food will be protected from unwanted debris. Also a choice of different sizes would be and advantage, as different food require different size of containers. Finding a manufacture that specializes in FDA, PET plastic will make choosing the right plastic bucket easy and stress free.