Saturday, December 17, 2011

CCTV Is Third Eye

The Technology has been developed to give the police a technical support to identify the criminals and eliminate the innocent civilians from the camera footage. With the help of this technology a person can be followed across multiple cameras and areas. The technology is to teach the computer specific public behaviour, which is termed as Trigger Behaviour and can collate the video footage of before and after the incident of help the police create the entire history of the incident. Smart CCTV can also trace the person with specific behaviour after the person leaves the area of incident and identify the law breakers as to when and where they entered the scene of crime.

The idea of Smart CCTV is that when the CCTV camera finds something suspicious, it alerts a human operator. For example, people ween lurking in certain area or a car moving too fast or too slow, indicating joyriding or kerb crawling can trigger an alarm. The human CCTV operator will then check the footage and decide whether or not to send a police officer to investigate.

Portsmouth City council is the first UK local authority to use Smart CCTV. The entire network of the city with 152 surveillance cameras is now integrated to the Smart CCTV and has been programming to identify the specific and unusual behaviour. Smart CCTV eliminates the unnecessary footage saving time and energy of the police department to concentrate only on the relevant footage.

Smart CCTV is a part of a project create an IP CCTV Camera surveillance system to provide solution to wider aspects of privacy concerns. The project has the European collaboration and is named ADDPRIV. The highlight of the this technology is the automatic elimination and deletion of the excessive video footage data. The scheme is running on trail with the city council in Portsmouth and if, it proves to be successful, rest of the UK cities will also have the technology to identify the specific behaviour of law breakers and criminals.

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