Friday, December 30, 2011

Increase Your Restaurant Business With Outdoor Dining Arrangements

You don't have an outdoor dining area, you could be missing out on large number of potential customers and short-changing your weekly income.

Don't be discouraged, though. With the addition of an outdoor dining space, you can increase your restaurant's capacity, build your revenue, and attract new customers.

Outdoor Dining and Your Restaurant

There are few factors to consider when you are thinking of creating an outdoor space for your restaurant.

Curb Appeal : Consider for a moment what attracts customers to your restaurant. Is it word of mouth? Smells of your exotic food? Your friendly staff? Now think about the many individuals who pass up your restaurant for the one down the street. Why do they do this? Unfortunately, the reality may have nothing to do with how your food tastes or what kind of reputation you have. It may have to do with what your restaurant looks like on the outside. If it isn't appealing, many individuals will simply walk on by, not even giving you a chance to win over their stomachs. With an outdoor dining space, you can create a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere that will attract may new customers to your door.

Sheep Mentality : Individuals often follow other's actions, especially when choosing what restaurant, clothing store, or business is "hot." By simply adding an outdoor dining space to your restaurant, you can take control of this mentality. When potential customers see your customers enjoying themselves outdoors, their interest is automatically peaked. According to a Philadelphia restaurant consultant, Peter Breslow, this is because seeing  the dining experience is like watching a commercial in real life. You get to experience all of the sights and smells, which can be incredibly seductive.

Weather : A big issue you may have with outdoor dining is  the weather. However, this can easily be taken care of. Take for example restaurant in Arizona. During the the hottest months of the year, you might imagine customers wanting to scramble indoors to enjoy the air conditioning. However, restaurants in this state use misting to help cool down their customers wish to eat all fresco. For cooler months, gas heaters and fireplaces can warm up an outdoor space, allowing you to extend your outdoor hours later into the night and year. For rainy, snowy, and even sunny days, consider using awnings to protect your customers from weather.

Seating : Increasing your seating with outdoor dining can greatly increase your revenue. According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, just 20 extra seats outside can increase your revenue by up to 20% during certain times of the year, like spring and fall, when temperatures are perfect for outdoor eating. More seating also allows you to sever more customers at one time, so your loyal clients do not have wait hours for a table to open up.

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