Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Plastic Buckets - Use and Displaying Items for Your Organisation

Many businesses or organizations use clear plastic buckets. Also individuals who like to store large quantities of items look to buckets to meet their needs. These containers are perfect for transporting, displaying or storing items. If you business is in need of buckets for food storage, there are a few things to keep in mind. Not all plastic buckets are suitable for food storage.

Sometimes manufacturers add dye to the plastic. This dye alone will prevent the FDA from approving it as food grade. Other manufacturers use recycled HDPE. These also are not food grade. When something is put in a bucket that is not food, this makes it no longer food grade plastic.HDPE plastic is porous and because of this, it absorbs chemicals, which leach back into food items you place in the bucket later.

Obviously using the wrong container could contaminate the food you are storing. The negative impact on your food could in turn have a negative impact on you your family's health or your customer's health (if you operate in a retail or restaurant environment ). That's why it's very important to feel confident you are buying only the safest container for your food items. It is advisable to use containers that are made of PET or polyethylene terephthalate.

The Food and Drug Administration has found PET to be safe around food items. This is because it does not leech hamful chemicals into the food it is coming in contact with. When considering food storage in plastic buckets, one must take into account whether the containers protect the food from the inside and outside. With PET, food is protected from gases, moisture and airborne smells.

Another great feature of PET plastic is it is durable, yet lightweight. Because of the durability, there will be less worry about the container cracking or breaking. When it comes to food storage the safety of the product is paramount. No one wants to worry that the contents of the plastic bucket have been compromised in any way. So it's best to find a plastic bucket that can withstand some impact. PET plastic can do just that.

As and added bonus PET plastic is easily recyclable. It can be made into a variety of products, including more PET plastic containers. This is very important because you know if you do want to replace your buckets they are an environmentally sound choice.

Now you may be wondering, "If I want to use clear plastic buckets for food storage, how will I know which ones are safe? your best bet would be to find a reputable, experienced plastics manufacturers who specializes in clear plastic FDA approved plastics.

If you're considering using plastic buckets for food storage you may want to find a manufacturer that offers handles and different types of lids. That way you know the food will stay safe.With an airtight lid food will be protected from unwanted debris. Also a choice of different sizes would be and advantage, as different food require different size of containers. Finding a manufacture that specializes in FDA, PET plastic will make choosing the right plastic bucket easy and stress free.

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