Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Makes A Good Estate Agent

Whilst it's possible to do it yourself and  save money, using and estate agent will streamline the process and sell your property at a price you want. If you are a landlord, going through a letting agents will safeguard your investment and ensure you get tenants who will fulfill the terms and conditions of the contract they sign. What makes a good estate agent? There are thousands of estate agents in the UK and some will inevitably be better than others.Here is a useful guide to sort the good from the bad.

Why you need an Estate Agent.

Selling Property

When it come to selling property, estate agents are one of the most indispensable professionals you need. This is because:

* They know the property  market inside out.
* They know the properties in your area , who will buy them, and how much they sell for.
* They know the state of the local market, which might be better or worse than the national property market.
* They have a list of actively seeking buyers.
* They can read buying signals better than anyone else.

Lighting Property

Letting agent can be incredibly useful when it comes to finding tenants. You should choose one because.

* They will advertise your property to tenants looking to rent in the area.
* They know the local area, what properties are available, and who rents them.
* They will arrange viewings.

* Letting agents will negotiate with tenants over the rental price.

What makes a good estate agent?

A good estate needs to possess some of the following attributes:

* Great communication skills, both verbal and written.
* Needs to be diplomatic, especially if they need to deliver bad news.
* Needs to be extremely organized.
* Great chasing -up skills, particularly when co-coordinating different stages of the selling /letting process.
* Need to be tenacious, since may come into contact with difficult professionals.
* Need to be a peacemaker, calming sellers and /or buyers when things go wrong .
* Need to keep everything running smoothly.

Choosing the perfect agent

Walk around any city or town center and you will see numerous state agents interested in your business. How do you know who is right for you?

Here are some useful tips:
* Choose an estate agent which has been selling for a long time.
* Find an agent suitable for your market.
* Do your research first. Investigate the area and any agencies that have caught your attention.
* Look for agents with long opening hours. If you're working, you might an agency that works in the evenings for example.
* Check their Internet presence. Are they listed of major property websites? This is particularly important if you're selling or letting, because you need exposure to lots of potential buyers and tenants.
* Is the office busy? This is good sign that they are active agents.
* Call the agent beforehand and pretend to be a prospective buyer. Jot down how you professional they are, their level of enthusiasm and who you were treated. This should give a good indication of how potential buyers/tenants will be treated when introduced to your property .

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