Monday, April 9, 2012

Advertisement Attractive To Consumers

I continue to earn my loving, I've never understood why so many advertisers seem to think that 'phil the Consumer," along with millions of other consumers like me, must all be total dunces! Three quick examples should prove how dumb many advertisers think we consumers are.

While watching a TV commercial for a national brand as unique because each pizza, according to the announcer, "has a hand-tossed style crust. " Look at those words one more time. The implication - what the agency would have you believe - is that there's and army of pizza-tossers hidden away somewhere that does nothing but hand-toss only this brand of pizzas. Not true!

Read those words again, '...hand-tossed style crust. "The key word is "style. : This particular brand of za is deliberately made to "look like" it's been hand-tossed - whatever that means - when they obviously zip down an assembly line untouched by human hands.

The there 's the burger chain that 's now selling a national brand of yummy, hot cinnamon buns. Every TV ad I've seen for them shows a close-up of two of those seemingly huge, tasty-tempting delicacies filling a colorfully decorate container. Price is never mentioned. But as I was told by more than one disillusioned customer, when they ordered those fresh-from-the oven goodies they got only one of them - mere two inches in diameter - for about $2.

Want that taste-tempting pair shown in the burger chain's commercials? we'll they're gonna cost you very close to $4.00 for the pair. That's for a couple of minuscule, not-completely-baked, semi-raw sticky buns? Really?

oh, and if you think those commercials insult your intelligence, consider how audacious the commercials are for dug companies. Great graphics, right? Convincing? They sure try to be. As for those doctors who recommend the drugs - okay, medication, if you prefer - they ain't doctors. Wake up, TV viewers! These are what are what ad agencies call "dramatizations.
Most feature actors, not real - life people. These folks are being paid - well paid - to

Now watch the words, those reassuring phrases that magically appear on your TV screen. How comforting, how reassuring they 're meant to be. Deliberately! Why Because if you were to listen to the voice-over disclaimer- the words the announcer is rushing through as those fancy graphics and pleasing words glide so comfortably past you on the screen, you'd never "ask your doctor" about the med that are being advertised. More often than not, the voice-over is proclaiming, sometimes in so many words, that while this or that med may relieve whatever symptoms you have, that same has the potential to kill you.

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