Monday, June 25, 2012

Bullet Proof Vests Why Is Important

What is Bullet Proof :

Bullet proof vests contain layers of material that "catch" and deform a bullet, spreading out the force of the impact into a greater and greater portion of the fiber. Some of the layers may be penetrated as the bullet enters, but it is usually stopped before it enters the person wearing the vest.

Why they are important:

The importance of a vest like this is contained in the fact that they are an additional layer of defense for soldiers and bodyguards, as well as important political figures. In 1901, a bullet resistant vest saved Alfonso XIII of Spain when he was shot at by an assassin. Vests have been modified and improved over the centuries. Now they are issued out to large numbers of the United States military, and in this way help to protect those who are protecting our country.


As mentioned earlier, most vests are not actually always bullet proof, but are rather bullet resistant. Also, though the bullet is usually stopped from actually entering the subject, he still takes the brunt of the force from the bullet, though some is absorbed by the vest. Blunt force trauma is often taken under the point of impact, especially when fired at with modern pistol bullets. Vests designed to stop bullets usually carry little protection from sharp object such as knives and bullets that are reinforced by a steel core. This is because the impact force of those objects is concentrated in a very small area, and is not easily spread out.


Bullet proof vests first started being developed in the 1530's. During the English Civil War Oliver Cromwell's army wore a type of bullet proof vests. One of the first recorded incidents of soft armor being used was in Japan, where they created them from silk. Another soft ballistic vest was invented in Korea during the 1860's. Throughout the 1900's, these vests were manufactured and altered to become lighter and stronger. One of the problems of previous vests were their inflexibility and their weight, which made it hard for the person wearing them to maneuver quickly in combat.

The layers of a bullet proof vest are made to slow and spread out a bullet as it impacts with the wearer. These vests are not impenetrable, but greatly increase the protection of the person wearing them. They are important because they help protect the vital organs on a person. They are issued out to much of the U.S. military, as well as numerous police officers and security guards, coast guards.

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