Thursday, November 22, 2012

Five Point To Increase Profit in 2013

One successful year is ending and the nerves about the next start to really set in. After a few years of heartache across the board in the business industry, me and most of you are counting on 2013 bringing a little bit of good luck and allowing us to build on the profits that we have managed to scrape during the crisis. Here are a few of my tips to make your business boom in the coming year:

1) Logistics:  Take advantage of some of the brilliant offers from other businesses in order to boost your own! The amount of used trailers going for excellent prices around the country are just begging you to update your logistics fleet and make life a bit easier and more profitable next year.

2) Marketing:  Whether you choose to post an ad in the local newspaper or roll out a large scale viral advertising campaign, do something to put your business on the map and make sure you stand out! Customers are looking to be wooed more and more these days and whether you are in the business of used Renault trucks or perfectly cut diamond, word of mouth is no longer enough!

3)  Customer Service:  Why not check up on some of your old customers? Repeat business is sure fire way of boosting profits in the long term and securing or maintaining existing contracts guarantees you an income as well as giving your client the impression that you do provide a good level of after sales service!

4)  Standards:  No matte what your business and what you are trying to sell, standard and visual impression is everything when it comes to sell your product! Make sure your facilities are clean and looked after to ensure that the buyer that walks through your door does not leave empty handed because of a bit of dust or a scruffy sales floor.

5)  Confidence:  If your don't feel like you are going to succeed then any potential clients will not either and will  definitely be more likely to take their business elsewhere if they smell a rat in your strategy. so, invest in your staff and your business to make it the best that it can be. Been waiting to change those signs? Change them! Been looking to clear an empty warehouse for display? Clear it! It is really that easy to make notable changes in your day to day running of a company!

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