Friday, December 14, 2012

High Influence a physician Assistant;s Salary

Health care profession that practices medicine under direct supervision of physicians and surgeons. They work as a part of a team with a doctor, formally trained to examine patients, diagnose illnesses and injuries, and provide treatment to patients, Physician assistants review patients medical histories, do physical exams, order and interpret laboratory and diagnostic tests, make preliminary diagnosis, counsel patients, and their families, prescribe medicine, and record patients progress.

A Physician Assistant Salary

Prospective assistants must have to be a graduate of an accredited PA educational program, is nationally certified, and state-licensed in order to practice. In general, the median annual wage of a physician assistant is $86,000, an hourly median wage of $42.00. The median annual wage is the wage at which half the physician assistants earned more than half that amount and the other half earned less. The lower half earned about $60,000 to 76,000, while the upper half earned $100,000 to $120,000. The assistant's salary will depend on the services he or she delivers their skills in providing diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic health care to patients.

Salary by Industry

In the United States, assistants who work in the employment services industries earn an average wage of $97,000; according to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics the highest paying industry that a PA can work in is in the special Hospital (Except Psychiatric and Drug Abuse) which pays $120,000. Other industries that pay them well are: field of scientific research and development study and services, employment services, outpatient care centers, and office administrative services.

Salary by State

State-specific requirements and an examination are needed in order to work in a specific state. On the average, the highest salary that can be earned depending on the state he or she works in can range from $99,000 to $107,000. The top paying states include: Rhode Island, Nevada, Washington, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Employment is not an issue for this job, there is an expected increase and growth on the national scale for physician assistants in comparison to other occupations. PA's can hope to easily be employed in rural areas and health care facilities in inner city areas; other industries that can be an option are: office settings, hospitals, public clinics, prisons, medical centers, and academic settings. States with the highest employment for physician assistants are New York, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, and North Carolina.

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