Sunday, January 27, 2013

A CV Distribution or Resume Distribution Service?

One that is very worthwhile as your professional CV will open more doors than you may think are there to be opened. However you are now faced with the decision as to how to get your CV into the hands of the key people in your industry sector.

It's always worth targeting the key decision makers through sending them CVs but unless you do this properly, many will be rejected and binned, particularly in the teeth of a recession. For a start, the popular job portals like Monster and job site are worthwhile pursuing.

Using this approach alone is far too generalizes- your CV may hit the mark and it may not- if it does, happy days but what if it does not. If you're a bit short of time or if you want arrow like precision the perhaps you should consider using a CV distribution service like CV Trumpet.

CV Trumpet is a British business.

One of the benefits or running your won business like we do is that we can be completely impartial in recommending businesses. CV Trumpet offers a very highly targeted approach and no little science to the process of getting your CV into the right hands. I'll explain why you should use them in the nest couple of paragraphs.
A couple of reasons to use CV Trumpet.

Firstly, they refuse to charge recruiters to join their service. This means that the recruiter database has grown significantly, not least because of the quality of service that CV Trumpet provides. Another reason that their service is excellent is their ability to get recruiters access to based on salary level, job level, job function, industry and sector and  also by location.

CV Trumpet meet the needs of the higher level or executive recruiter by sending them very specific people who meet the needs of the recruiter.
CV Trumpet therefore both attracts and more importantly retains the very best recruiters what this means for you is that is that the distribution service starts from the point of view that you are the one that is important.

CV Trumpet only make money if enough candidates use their CV distribution service and more importantly are happy with it.
CV trumpet wouldn't stay in business if they weren't satisfying their customers, namely job seekers, and not recruiters.

Should you go down this route- and  I suggest very strongly that you do, I am certain that you will be rewarded by a service that does what it says on the tin.     

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