Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beauty Salon Marketing Popular Secrets

Open your own beauty salon you are going to need to create a steady flood of new customers. Here are 4 key proven salon marketing strategies the that if you implement could help a double your client list in as little as 90 days!
Implementing these steps will put you well on your way!


 Step No.1.  Determine what makes you professionally unique.

If you are just another stylist it will be impossible for you to stand out in the crowed! Standing out in crowd helps you ideal future clients find you, it helps you charge more than the "average" stylist or salon. Your uniqueness could come from your level of experience with a certain type of hair, or style or type of clients (brides, birthdays, proms etc.) The best way to determine your professional uniqueness is to answer this question honestly, "Why would your ideal prospect chose to do business with you above any all other option, including doing nothing?" A quick FYI : the answer to what makes you unique is not your level of customer service. Providing good customer service is expected by your ideal prospects, and the fact that every stylist and every salon claims that they provide great service mans that good service cannot be unique to you!

 Step N0. 2. Determine your ideal prospect?

 Your ideal prospects are the ones that combine the highest return on your investment, return on your time, and return on your enjoyment. One of the biggest mistakes that stylists and salon owners make that kills their business, is to try and be all things to all people. The fastest way to get rich in the beauty business is to pick a niche and own it!

Step No.3. Find strategic partners and do joint promotions. 

A strategic partner is someone who is already doing business with your ideal prospects. For example if your ideal future prospects are brides, a good strategic partner might be wedding planners. if you think that your ideal future prospects are busy moms, a good strategic partner might be a divorce attorneys. Once you identify who might be a good strategic partner you then need to offer them so type of value in exchange for access to their customers. Value can be commissions on the sales they help generate for you, or free services. The options are only limited by your creativity.

Step No.4. Create an "Active Referral System" 

Another big mistake that stylists and salons make is that they just wait for referrals to just happen. Handing out a bunch of your business cards to your clients and hope that they share them with their friends is not an Active Referral System. An example of an ARS would be sending out an email coupon to your current and past clients and offering them a discount if they get at least three of their friends to bring in the email when they book an appointment.

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