Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Small Business and Advantage

Small business have a big advantage in the marketplace. I am sure this myth permeates most of our society, but it simply isn't true anymore. Small companies no longer have the advantage and being small and agile just isn't enough considering  all the bureaucracy, rules and regulations, and other things going on. The corporations hold the key to congress, and a lobby pay-t-play system to get their way when it comes down to tax codes, regulations, and even monopolistic benefits granted by that same government.

It's very hard for a small entrepreneur businessperson to compete, and even when they are working with a larger business, things aren't all that great. Large companies never seem to pay their bills on time, and at the end of the day there isn't much money left over for the proprietor of the small biz. It seems to me that Washington DC has all but forgotten the small time entrepreneur even though it seems we are the ones that employ 75% of the population. Being small has its advantages don't get me wrong, life is much smaller when you're running a smaller company than when you get to be a larger one.

Indeed, I inherently know this because when I started my first small business, it was rather fun, and nice to be  i charge. Unfortunately, as the company grew into a franchise organization things got more complicated, more spread out, and all those rules and regulations continually made it hard to grow. Yes, we were still small enough to remain agile, but overburdened by all the rules and regulations. When I hear politicians talk about this,  and tell me all the wonderful benefits of small business, I just laugh.

Indeed, I'd lime to see some of those congressmen come out here the real world and compete in the free market as a small time entrepreneur business Unfortunately, until they do, and until hell freezes over, they probably won't understand what all their laws which they keep passing for their lobbyist corporate friends are doing out here the small entrepreneurial business of the world.

No, I'm not saying that running a large corporation is any easier, but it sure is nice to have friends in high places running block for you every time you need to get something done, or get around one of the rules. Things just don't work that way for the little guy.

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