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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Employee's Ability Job Responsibilities

For most people the answer is money, merchandise and company supplies. But what about time? Maybe this sounds silly to you. How can something intangible like "time" be stolen? Well it can be and in several different ways. Time is stolen from a business when an employee spends their paid time at work by doing things that are unrelated to their job responsibilities. The result is a lowered amount of productivity, and even worse, lowered profits. Whenever an employee steals time, the effect on your business can be extremely negative. In some ways, it is even worse than having money or merchandise stolen. Since so many people do not consider time as something that can be stolen at work, let's go over some of the top ways that time slips by.

Issue Number 1 : Computer Usage

This one is so common that even the best of employees do not view it as stealing from their company.
Having access to the Internet at work can be a real hazard. Employees check their personal accounts or simply just surf the web to pass some time. This problem cannot be solved by taking away Internet access though as it is a vital part of most businesses. So what can you do?

Solution: Have a policy in place stating that personal Internet usage during work hours is strictly prohibited. You obviously cannot look over your employees shoulders every time they are using the computer, so take measures to ensure that personal use is as limited as possible. Many companies block certain websites such as Facebook to hinder their employee's ability to use personal sites. Others block all email connections aside from the one used for work purposes. Another problem is that there are many websites that have an emergency work button. For instance, if an employee is on a gaming site, all they have to do is click on the emergency icon and the screen changes to something professional looking. If you are concerned about this happening, make it a habit to check your employee's computer history to see what they have been up too during work hours.

 Issue Number 2 : Socializing

Having short chats with coworkers is usually not a big deal. However, when the short chats turn into long winded conversations it does become a big deal. We want our employees to get along with each other, but not at the expense of our business. Work hours are for work, not for having a coffee clutch. But what can you do to get your office looking like an office and not a high school cafeteria?

Solution: The best thing you can do here is to encourage socializing to take place on breaks. You do not want the employees to have poor relationships because it has been proven that good camaraderie in the workplace makes for a stronger business. However, if all that happens all day is socializing, nothing ever gets done. If the socializing is taking place during meetings, bring everyone back to the topic at hand by inserting work related topics into the conversation. Most people will take the hint and get back on task.

Issue Number 3: Personal Calls

Keeping one's work life separate from their personal life can sometimes be a challenge. Sometimes it is not even possible for various reasons. However, there is a difference between using the phone for important personal matters (sick children, family hospitalization, etc.) and abusing the phone for personal reasons (chatting up your friends, ordering from that awesome new catalog you just got in the mail, etc.). So what can you do to cut the personal phone chatter out of the work day?

Solution: Let your employees know that personal phone calls can only be made on breaks unless there is an emergency. You can even take it a step further and make the rule that in order to use the phone for calls other than those dealing with business, they must get permission. This goes for receiving personal calls as well. The only ones that should be put through to the employee are those that are emergencies. Do not make any exceptions to these rules or you will lose credibility and make it look like you are showing certain employees favoritism.

In addition to all of that, make sure that time records are accurate as some employees will try to pull a fast one on you by adding even just a few minutes each day. If you have rules about overtime, make them clearly known and enforce them.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flash Animation Presentation Design

Flash  animation - PowerPoint supplies a huge variety of animations which can be used in your presentations, but it doesn't mean you should use all of them. Sticking with 2 or 3 subtle and smooth animations throughout your presentation will look much more professional and less cheesy. Don't forget your audience will read the slides faster than you can speak so use animation to help focus their attention.

Audience - Your audience are key to your presentation, know who they are, know what motivates them; make the presentation relevant to them as individuals. What does this information mean to them personally and will encourage them to concentrate and interact with you.

Ask - Ask questions, they don't have to be directed at individuals but make your audience think, don't just speak at them.

Body language - Be confident in what you are saying, if you're not how do you expect your audience to believe in what you're saying. Stand up straight, move around the room and engage your audience with eye contact.

Bullet points - These can be overused so asses if they are really necessary. You can use bullet points to focus your messages. But remember your audience will read faster than you can speak so build your bullet points as you go.

Basics - Don't forget the basics of presenting. Be clear when speaking, pronounce everything, and make sure you talk to the person at the back of the room. Arrive early, make sure your presentation is correct and your microphone works and familiarise yourself with the stage and set up.

Creativity - Remember this is a presentation not a hand-out; you can use creativity to find alternative ways of displaying your messages without them losing impact or importance. Making a more creative presentation will make the audience remember you and your presentation after they've left the room.

Concise - Be clear and concise with your messages, audience's attention spans are not great so you want to make sure they leave with all the key messages and aren't bogged down with too much detail.

Captivate - Try finding an alternative way to approach your subject. Maybe use a current news story or sports situation to help explain your points. The audience won't expect to hear the presentation told in this way so will captivate their imagination more. Flashing your project present stylish.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Buy Furniture For Your Home

How to look like before you buy furniture for your home, realize it is likely a significant purchase. As a result, you need to ensure that it is the best possible investment you can make. To invest in quality, you have to consider all of your options. It is a big decision. If you walk into an outlet store and look around only to become frustrated by all of the options, you are not alone. Before you even consider making a purchase, consider a few helpful tips. This can make sure that what you buy is right for you.

What Do You Need and Want?

It is a good idea to sit down and ask yourself what type of furniture you need. How many areas of seating do you need and where do they need to be? Look around the space. How much will fit into this space and still allow for enough room to comfortably walk around? It is a good idea to invest a bit of time into analyzing the style that you like by looking at magazines or consider the details present in your current space. This analysis of your needs can really help you to zero in on what pieces to buy.

Function and Comfort

In order for any type of piece to be worthwhile to invest in for your home, it needs to be both functional as well as comfortable for you. To do that, you need to ensure that the piece feels good when you sit in it. Does it offer enough support when you try to get out of it? Is the piece going to be usable in your space? If it is a high-end item that you are not likely to allow the kids to sit on, then it may not be as functional as you think.

Buy Quality

Take a look at the pieces carefully. Pull out a dresser drawer, turn it over and look for the way it is put together. Is it solid? Look at the legs of the sofas. Consider the stitching on the cushions. It is in the details that you will know if this piece of furniture is really worth your investment or not. Do not waste your money or your time on buying something that is not able to handle those kids or regular wear and tear. You will just need to replace it again too soon.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Beer Can Marketing A Small Business

Creating and selling my own beer for a living. And like any good entrepreneur, I've been doing my   homework.

It's so much more than just drinking beer though. In fact, that really isn't a part of it. If you just love beer, it's a lot easier to go find a six-pack and drink that than to make some on your own... which is infinitely easier than trying to do that for a living.

Through my journey reading trade magazines, online forums, articles, blogs and anything else I can get my hands on, I realize as I talk to my customers about the craft beer industry, I have gained valuable insights about marketing in general that can help them in their own businesses. You don't have to be a brewer to find these lessons helpful:

Lesson 1:
Find a niche and fill it. Nearly half of the US Beer market is owned by AB Inbev, the company that most of you know as Anheuser-Busch (aka Budweiser). You may not know that MillerCoors also accounts for over 30% of the market. That leaves less than 20% for the rest. And yet, craft beer consumption is on the rise while nearly every beer line owned by AB Inbev and MillerCoors reported between 2-8% drops last year in sales. Why? Craft breweries are targeting very specific niche markets not currently served by the big boys. Your small business may never be able to compete with Microsoft if you create software, but you can find your niche and grow.

Lesson 2:
Being the biggest isn't everything. Granted, we all want security, but for many of us, doing something you love is just as important as being the best at it. The big beer companies are purchasing many small breweries, because they love what they do and do it well. I can tell you, the people behind the label get a pretty penny at the time of sale. You don't have to be the biggest company to cash in!

Lesson 3: 
Branding is everything. On of my favorite things about craft beer are the labels. Great microbreweries have amazing labels, messaging, positioning, and brand persona's. One of my favorites in Austin is Jester King. They have the greatest brand persona! They make their beer in a farmhouse in the Texas Hill Country. While I will admit, I don't think I'd say their beer flavor is my favorite; I keep buying it because I love their brand. Great companies build a brand that resonates with the people in their market and it earns them the right to keep selling to them.

Some day I plan to open a brewery. That day is a long way off, but I can say that the lessons we can learn as business owners and marketers from craft brewers are tremendous. In a market seemingly dominated by a handful of players, a small group is making headway against their competition. It really is a modern day David and Goliath story. Many days, I know I feel like David fighting against an army of Goliaths.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Top Leadership To Improve Your Business

Some of the most impressive top leadership professionals do on a regular basis. There is no doubt that every healthy business is growing and changing on a regular basis. To be an effective leader, you need to do some things on an automatic basis. That is, these are the types of things you need to do all of the time without having to think about doing them. It shows you are a good leader. No matter if you are a business manager, top employer or a member of the human resource team, doing these things matters.

  Do You Encourage Others to Speak Up?      
One of the jobs of the best business manager and employers is to simple encourage employees to speak up. The employee should not feel as though he or she cannot approach the top employer or a member of the human resource team with questions, concerns or just to say hi. Are you approachable?

Do You Make Decisions?

There are times when you may need to get the entire human resource team together to make decisions. Yet, most of the best managers are able to make decisions right away. Successful leaders are decision makers and they are good at it. You don't want to waste time and potentially put off a problem.

Do You Make Expectations Clear?

Another thing good leaders do is to ensure everyone who is working for them understands the expectations. You should be able to communicate well, but you also need to be able to clearly define the expectations of those working for you. Do you show your vision and make it actionable for those who are working with you?

Are You Accountable?

Another key defining element that every good leader needs to be is accountable. If you say you are going to do something, accomplish a goal or make a call, you do it. You cannot manage others effectively if you cannot be held accountable for your actions and words. It plays right into the goal of leading by example. You want your employees to feel at easy following you.

Top leadership does these things not once in a while but every single day. To be an effective leader, whether in a human resource team or a business manager, you need to ensure that these qualities come through clearly.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Improve Your Interview Skills For Job

The job interview

It is a time when nerves can ruin your chance for an amazing career. It is a time when the right attitude can make a world of difference.

This right attitude, when combined with good planning can, and does, make a world of difference - getting you through to second stage interviews and beyond.

The trouble, in my humble opinion, a lot of information is out there - all ready to help you land that job. The problem is the amount. It is bewildering, causing many to spend too much time searching and not enough time understanding the job applied for.

To help you save some time, and improve your interview skills, I have conducted the research for you. The result, 5 simple tips that are proven to improve your chances of landing your dream job - kick starting your career, and adding years of happiness into your life. The right job with the right employer makes so much difference.

Before we dive in, I have conducted interviews as the employer and attended them as a prospective employee - so many that I have lost count. So I thought I would share some of my experiences. Some funny, like the person applying for an executive assistant role, who could not even get the time right, and the person who couldn't find the office, and some great, where I have wanted to employee the person right away.

Seriously, your attitude is the starting point. Approach the job hunt with a self-branding mindset and confidence, and you will notice the difference.

The branding commences with the resume, your first contact with the prospective employer. It is the most important tool you have, and the most difficult part of the process. Stop fooling yourself, the interview is easy, it is your resume that gets you the interview. This is your time to rent just a little space in the minds of the employer.

With your resume, you not only summarize your career and achievements, you are making your first pitch - you are advertising you and what you stand for. That is right, from your resume and cover letter, the prospective employer can understand who you are, and what you have to offer.

You have an advantage though, you know the employer has a problem and they have been nice enough to
define that problem for you. That is right it is the employer who has the problem, they have something they need done, they think have an idea of what they need, but in most cases have no idea who is the right person to do it and the best way to do it.

All you need to do is sell the employer on how well your experiences; qualifications and achievements will make their job easier. It is you who will solve a problem and it is you who will get to make some money - it's going to cost the employer if they get it wrong.

How good is that - are you feeling empowered yet?

Maybe not. To make things a bit easier, think of your next job not in terms of the annual salary, but multiply it, most people stay in a job about 3 years, so start with a multiplier of 3. Instead of a $50,000 job, you are pitching to secure work for the next 3 years of $150,000 (this is great advice that I have stumbled across isn't it).

Do you now have incentive to spend that extra time, researching, understanding and preparing a killer resume. All it takes is a bit of time to get a feel of the language the employer uses and a bit more to understand the business.

Today, more than ever, it's easy. Just visit the employers website, check out their videos posted online and maybe even tap into your own network. You can even visit websites that give you all the information you need in one place, including reviews.

Be careful though, and I cannot stress this enough, understand what drives the employer before you jump in, read that job advertisement and make sure you know the keywords the employer uses and to put it in sales speak, the employers 'hot buttons'. Knowing what to say and what to mention in your resume is important. Many employers use software to find their keywords in the 1,000's of resumes they receive.

Enough about the resume, the fun really starts at the interview.

For the best of us the interview is stressful, and is the very reason many of us stick with jobs we hate. All of those people asking questions and a job on the line at the end of it, can make it daunting and too hard.

Stop, if that is you, you are wasting the little time you have and even doing something you don't like, you need to change. Money is important, but so is your life, getting a new job is easy, change is fun and the interview - well take it from me, interviews are easy.

Interviews are not scary and a not worth wasting perfectly good opportunities for, just to avoid the interview.

I have fronted interview panels of 6 people, 4 people and even just one, and have found one thing they all have in common. All interviews are your chance to shine, it is your chance to find out if the employer is right for you, meeting new people along the way.

Remember, you are the problem solver here and is most definitely is not the other way around.

You need to adopt this attitude. Think of the interview, not as an interview for a job, but as another business meeting. A business meeting where the employer is telling why they are right for you, convincing you that they are the right employer for you and worthy of your talents.

This mindset puts you in control, but, and this is a big one, being ready is important. You need to understand the employer and what they are about. This helps you ask the right questions and puts you at ease.

The interview is your time to rate the employer. It the time you get to figure out if the employer and their position is right for you. That's all. Forget about the employer making their assessment, you have a much more important need. After all, you know the employer likes you already, why else would you be there. You need to like them and only then can you confirm for them that you are the best for the role.

This is the mindset I have adopted, it allows me to approach the interview with clear goals, come across articulate as I have a clear head, and best of all, I get to ask the questions I need answered.

The outcome, I generally shine. More often than not, I'm offered the job - that's if I haven't already turned the employer down for not providing the right job for me.

It sounds simple I know, being ready equals being relaxed. So if you need some more convincing, try these tips out.

follows on from our advice - Be prepared, know yourself including your strengths and career goals, and then prepare some intelligent questions to ask the potential employer. During that interview, be engaged - respond to all questions with truthful answers and listen carefully. Try not to focus on the salary side of things too much, and don't bring too much attitude in about your previous employer.

The folks at Life hacker.com tell us that asking the right questions during the interview is just as important as making sure you answer the employers questions. These questions can help you decide if the employer is really right for you while making a lasting impression. The questions to ask include asking the interviewers to tell you what a typical day is like, what the organization defines as success, will you and your teammates be empowered to find better and more efficient way to do things, what projects you can give to and what is the immediate need the employer is trying to fill.

Fastcompany clearly points out that interviewers want to figure out how articulate and confident you are, but remember you are selling yourself and a good sales person understands the target and tailors the message. So when explaining your career achievements start at the top and make sure you focus on your strengths and listen to what the employer needs. Be careful though if you have a job hoppers resume (changing jobs often), some interviews will not get past this question, try build your networks and meet people outside of the interview. Finally when explaining success, be candid without being arrogant - mention what others have said.

employmentGuide remind us to make sure we dress the part - making that first impression is ever so important, including the handshake and keep eye contact.

Most importantly, give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview, and being early is something not worth worrying about.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How To Keep Water And Food Store

They had to keep water and food with them to keep their energy level balanced and of course, to stay alive. There were some ideas they used to keep their food clean and safe for a long time. They used to wrap their food in different layers of papers and clothes to preserve it. Doing this still wasn't enough to preserve the food for as long as it was required. People kept trying and discovering new ideas of preserving the food for as long as they could. As the time passed, people came up with new techniques and methods of food storage and in the process they have discovered techniques to save certain foods for a life time.

Pickle storage is one of the very old and reliable techniques of food storage commonly known by the people today. Considering this storage technique as the base, people started experimenting on different foods for preserving them for a long time.

Sweeter than Honey... No Way!

You may have observed and it is actually true that honey stays with you whenever you need it so it has to be at home first. Temperature fluctuations and sunlight consistency may change the color but it is still edible and very beneficial. Sometimes you may find it crystallized but it doesn't mean that the honey has gotten bad, but according to the honey harvesters it can be reheated and will result in fresh honey, same fresh taste as before. So choosing honey as a sweetener was the best choice when food storage was in question.

Salt Produces a Unique Taste

Salt is very commonly used in foods and really gives a unique taste in food: it's hard to imagine a delicious meal without salt. Salt is renowned in the world for absorbing the moisture. This mineral has its own importance in foods and is one of the foods that can be preserved for an indefinite time period.

Life Without Sugar Isn't That Sweet

Wouldn't it be so boring without sugar? Yes indeed. To get rid of the moisture problem when you want to store sugar, you can add some rice granules into the container and preserve it for a long time.

Three fourth of the world is wheat

Wheat is chief. It is the base for which over three fourth of the world uses in their diets. This chief food provides over 30% of the daily required calories to almost all the population of the world. Wheat is not only enriched with high carbohydrates but is also treasured because of the valuable proteins, vitamins and minerals. To store, it is recommended that you fan the wheat to get rid of the contaminants and then store it in a container while allowing the wheat to get some heat in the oven before storing away. 140 degrees would just be fine to get rid of whatever bugs there are in the wheat.


Corns have very short living season. Humans have discovered the alternative to use it for a longer period of time by drying it. It can be used in any food where the fresh corns are used. Fresh corns should be dried in order to preserve it for years. Corn soups are very common and one of the foods in which corn can be used.

Beverages, Carbonated And Non Carbonated Water

If it weren't for newly discovered and refined storage techniques we would not be able to quench our thirst with the flavors of different beverages. So when it comes to storing water or drinks, our beverage brands have already done that job.

White Rice

White rice is a great source of calories. It is cheaper than other foods and one of the long life shelf foods. The proper storage of this food can last long for more than 30 years. It is commonly used in side dishes, breakfast and additionally added in soups. When you are thinking of storing food for any reason, there is a stronger preference for white rice over other types of foods.

Powdered Milks

Much like salt, powdered milk can last for a very long time. To keep it for longer periods of time it is advised to repack it or store it in a freezer. Whenever the powder milk develops a strange scent or turns to a yellowish color, it is time to dispose of it. Powdered milk is commonly used in deserts, in certain breads and many other meals.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, among it's many applications, is also a common food and is used for many purposes in foods. It is also used for laundry detergent supporter, dish cleaner, and can also be used for cleaning the teeth. The simple way of storing baking soda is to keep it in an air-tight jar rather than the boxes it often comes in.

Food Storage Containers And Bags

To plan for food storage of any of the foods indefinitely you need to have food graded containers. Storing food is cost effective with the help of some simple methods or techniques and can easily come handy if there is an emergency. Multi barrier is one of the techniques most people prefer for long term food storage. The barrier system keeps out the moisture, sunlight and air from the vessel when wrapped. One of the main qualities of these food graded containers is that they don't let any non-food chemical into the food. These are specifically designed for food storage. There are not any hazardous chemical used in these containers. Before storing any food into these containers, do wash these with soap water, rinse and dry carefully.

One of the most commonly used containers for bulk quantity food storage is five gallon plastic vessels. Please be very careful while purchasing the food storage containers, properly check their lid since the lid should be air tight and leak proof. Gasket lids and gamma lids are a little more expensive than the other commonly used containers but they are better, very easy to open and do not need a lid opener.

For shorter term storage, there are Mylar bags available in the market. They are commonly used by people and it is highly probable that you have seen one in your life. Transfer the food in it, properly seal the bag and do not forget to add the oxygen absorber into the Mylar bag.

Building Required Elevator And Good Company

Building required an expert elevator company to come in and to offer guidance and service. Unfortunately, your building's maintenance person likely does not have the ability to service this system. If you are not getting regular service for it from a licensed professional recognized by the city, you could be guilty of some very expensive violations. The good news is that a qualified business can come in to your establishment and help you to get your building up to code and working properly. There are several benefits that this specialized service can provide for you.

Get You Up to Code

Depending on the city you are in, there is likely a local code or ordinance that has to do with these devices. Since this is a very important service within any building and one that could, potentially, put people's lives on the line, it is critical for you to maintain it. Most cities will require an annual or biannual inspection of the system. This has to be done by a certified elevator company that the city recognizes as such. Having these professionals in to your establishment means you can effectively avoid those fines.

Reducing Costs

Did you know that elevators have become far more efficient in recent years? In large-scale operations, they work faster and safer. They are also more energy efficient than they used to be. Yet most buildings have one set that they use all the time and have likely had for the last 10 or 20 years. Replacement is not always necessary to reduce costs. Have a representative inspect your system to find out if it is the best it can be. Refurbishment or repairs, including modernization, can really impact the way your system works.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

How many of your customers, clients, or patients sit by these magical doors and wait for them to open? How many go somewhere else because it takes too long? When that is the case, it is time to look for a new way to service those needs. You really do not have to put off having a professional elevator company come in and determine what is going wrong and what can be done better. You just have to make the call to bring them in.

Find an elevator company in your area that can provide you with individualized attention. This means a full inspection, getting your system up to code, and repairing it so that it is working in its best condition. You also want to talk about refurbishments or a modernization of the system.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Conversation The Carnival Cruise Ship

I was having a conversation at Starbucks with some intellectual type thinkers of various backgrounds, all accomplished in their own rights. What started out as just a conversation about anything and everything turned into a dialogue about current events and then evolved into a brainstorm of a smart new business concept to start. Amongst the candidates were all sorts of mobile smart phone apps, high-tech devices, and believe it or not survival kits in case of an asteroid, civil war, Earthquake, Hurricane, or get this; in case you are on a cruise ship that loses power and you are stuck at sea for a week. Okay so, let's talk.

The same day as our conversation the Carnival Cruise Ship "Triumph" was being towed into a port in Alabama after being adrift at sea due to an engine room fire. For four days it was without power, water flow, toilets working, etc. and it took over 3-days just to tow it to port. Obviously, those passengers by the time that ordeal was over had indeed "triumphed" over the adversity of the cruise from hell. You have to feel sorry for Carnival Cruises because that's just some awful PR. Sure, they are a solid company and will recover, but in the interim they did take a Tsunami size hit to their brand name.

This isn't the first time a cruise ship has lost all power, a year or so ago the same thing happened off the coast of San Diego, some 200+ miles out to sea. Then we all heard about the capsized cruise ship in the Mediterranean which actually had casualties. Okay so, our little ad hock brainstorming session realized that a "survival gear" pack for cruise ship patrons might indeed be a wise item to market to the public. In it would be flashlights, battery packs, fresh water, MREs, and flying toilet bags - these are bags you can go to the bathroom into and if push comes to shove you can sail them over the side into the sea as a last resort so your in-room cruise ship toilet doesn't overflow making your life even more miserable.

 How much could we market these for you ask? Well, our group decided that $29.99 would be a fair price, but a "family cruise ship survival pack" could sell for $59.99 and sustain 4 people for 4-days until help arrived to rescue the stranded cruise ship. Better to play it safe than sorry. So, if you are an entrepreneur, well, maybe this might be a decent business to start?

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Commercial Cleaning Own Starting Business

You start janitorial business.This type of business is available in almost every area but if you're willing to work hard and do a good job for the companies where you are working, you would be surprised with how many jobs you're able to obtain. In the course of this article, we are going to discuss some of the things that need to be considered when starting a commercial cleaning business. This type of business differs from a home cleaning business in numerous ways, which is why we are focusing on one over the other.

The first thing that you need to consider is the fact that you are often going to need to provide a commercial business with additional products and services when you compare it to what you would provide for an individual homeowner. As an example, industrial air fresheners may become necessary in larger commercial jobs and it may be your responsibility to provide those air fresheners on a regular basis. You might also be surprised with the other items which are required by the commercial businesses where you work. Some of them may want you to provide food service supplies or other janitorial supplies that are going to be used through the week while you are not working.

There is going to be an additional startup cost when it comes to a commercial cleaning business that you will not likely have with a home cleaning business. One of the reasons why that is the case is because you are going to be responsible for maintaining floors in the commercial location that is above and beyond what you would have to do at an individual's home. Waxing floors is going to take some specialty equipment and you may need to have both a scrubber and a buffer to make sure that the floors are maintained properly. You may also need to purchase carpet cleaning or window cleaning supplies in order to keep your customers happy.

Although there are some downsides to running a commercial cleaning business, there are also a variety of positive things that should be considered. For example, if you have several commercial cleaning contracts, that is usually work that you are going to be able to count on, week after week. You will also be more likely to receive a check on a regular basis from those businesses as well. Although it may tie you down to a certain extent because of the need to do a lot of your work on the weekends, that is going to be well worth it when you consider the amount of free time that you have during the week.

One other choice that you should make when starting a commercial cleaning business is if you are going to join a franchise or if you are going to have an independent operation.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Contact Your Customers And Solutions

It is very important for you to keep in close contact with your customers. It is likewise important for you to look for new customers who will take your business to new levels. Although there are many ways for you to be able to do this, the Internet really provides some of the most convenient and effective ways that are in existence. Here are a few tips that can help you with the process of staying in touch with your customers and getting the most out of your relationship.

Before we begin to discuss some of the electronic ways of contacting your customers, let's consider some of the old-fashioned ways that are not yet out of date. You may have contacted your customers using direct mail or on the telephone for years and found this to have a degree of success. Although it may be easier to use the Internet to contact your customers, it does not necessarily mean that those old methods of contact are outdated. As long as something is working for you and showing a profit, it should continue to be used regularly.

As far as contacting people online is concerned, there are a few ways that you can do so that we will discuss. Perhaps one of the easiest ways for you to contact people, however, is through email marketing. Although some people may tend to shy away from this type of marketing, fearing that they are going to be labeled as a "spammed" that is far from the truth. As long as you use a legitimate way of gathering email addresses and make sure that you do not abuse the service, you would be surprised with how much business it can drive in your direction. Of course, there are many different email marketing vendors that are available and you will need to choose from among the best email services to suit your specific needs.

Surveys also provide you with an excellent way to keep in contact with your customers and to draw attention to your business for any new customers. One of the benefits of using surveys is the fact that it is interactive and lets you get inside in the mind of your customers. If you use the right questions, you are not only using the survey to drive traffic to your website or business, you are also able to develop new products and services according to the needs of your clients. That can really help to drive your business in the right direction, if you use it wisely.
One final thing that needs to be discussed is the possibility of using social networking to attract customers to your business. The largest social network, Facebook can be used for this purpose and many businesses are seeing success by using Facebook on a limited basis. If you have a Facebook page for your business and begin to develop a following, you can build relationships with those individuals which help to foster trust.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Introduced Beverage Products Industry

Introduced in the beverage industry every year. However, only a few of these manage to become a success story. Distributors as well as retailers in the beverage industry are always looking for new products to offer consumers. However, many people make common mistakes when developing a new beverage which lead to loss of time and money. For a successful beverage, you need to realize your mistakes and take a totally different approach.

The very first mistake that many people make in beverage development is choosing the wrong distributor. You need to find distributors who are willing to sell your new product regardless of the heavy competition in the beverage industry. It is always best to focus on distributors who are specialized in selling beverages and have already established links with store owners and are likely to boost your beverage sales. However, you need to play your part by marketing your product well since most distributors will focus on a product with a viable market.

You must also come up with a perfect sales and marketing strategy which will to boost sales of your new beverage. Distributors as well as retailers will always want to find out whether you have a proper plan on how you intend to market your product design. They want to know that, you have the right approach to sensitize consumers to buy these new products.After all, the consumers are responsible for creating revenue for your business. It is important to focus on proper marketing techniques which boost beverage sales.

Additionally, never allow a company to take full charge in the beverage development process. The common mistake made by many novice entrepreneurs in the beverage industry, is allowing a third party to be the sole decision maker in the developing of a new beverage. Well, it is always important to play an active role in every step of developing the new beverage. Give ideas on the flavor, formula, marketing technique, product design and even packaging. Chip in whenever you can and do not allow other people to make every decision for you. You will only understand how you can manage the product, after it has been developed, if you participated actively in the development process.

It is also very risky to venture into the beverage industry without conducting proper research on your target market. You need to understand the kind of consumers you are targeting so that you can incorporate their demands in the product design. It is also important to research on the strategies which have worked before by researching about beverages which have been around for the oldest time.

Most importantly, avoid spending too much at the initial stages of beverage development. Cut down the spending on promotions and production.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Industrial Revolution And History

The Industrial Revolution, manufacturing companies began experimenting with ways to move large quantities of their goods at once. Skids were the first pallets ever developed, appearing in American factories along with low-lift trucks in the late 1880s. These trucks were hand operated, could only lift the goods 5 to 7 centimeters off the ground, and because they required so much manual effort from the operator, could only move the goods about one meter laterally.

Invention and Development

Even though these early forklifts were hard to operate, they quickly proved their worth, and major companies grabbed a hold of the idea and worked to make more efficient models. By the 1910s, manufacturing, shipping and machinery companies worked off each other's ideas to create a higher lift truck that could finally lift goods more than 5 centimeters off the ground. Along with this truck came the standardisation of the pallet, which is the same model we use today, allowing goods to be stacked on top of each other safely. This standardisation allowed machinery companies like Clark and Yale to produce lift trucks (forklifts) that could be used by any industry.

The 1920s and 1930s brought sophistication to the forklift. For the first time, it started looking like its own specialised machine instead of a simple tractor with a lifting attachment. Trade magazines ran advertisements for the sale of forklifts, and major forklift manufacturers made strides in the industrial market.

Wartime Innovation

World Wars I and II happened simultaneously along with the development of the forklift, and if it were not for this valuable piece of technology, feuding countries may not have been able to provide weapons and supplies to their troops at the rates needed. World War II acted as a major spark in forklift development. It was an absolute necessity for companies to load wartime goods as quickly and efficiently as possible onto loading docks to be shipped overseas. From this necessity, engineers added hydraulic technology, pallet lifts, and side movements.

Shaping History

Once the wars ended, the necessity, value and utility of the forklift was unquestionable. It was an irreplaceable piece of workplace technology, but companies were still looking for ways to improve. In the 1950s, manufacturing plants decided to focus on getting the most out of their storage facilities, stacking their goods on higher shelves and in tighter spaces. From this desire, reach trucks, lifting up to 2,000 kilograms to a maximum height of 9 meters, were developed. With their investment in industrial inventions like the forklift, western countries like the United Kingdom and the United States shaped history, establishing their leadership in global shipping.

Today, more than 150,000 forklift trucks for sale are purchased each year. World is modern today.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Own Business Demand But Big Responsibility

Life is busy enough running one life without the extra burden of making someone else decisions for them.
Owning a business is a great responsibility, and with it comes a great happiness. Your focus is about you being Successful on Purpose. It is up to you, to make sure your actions are pushing you towards the achieving of your goals.

Now let me ask you:

"Is 2013 the excitement you been planning for?"

As last year drew to a close did you notice that so many people are talking about how 2013 is staged to be the best year yet? Now read these questions and be honest with yourself. Remember, the only person you are fooling is yourself.

· What is the Vision you have set for yourself?

· What is the Vision you have set for your business?

· What are the goals you have put in place to ensure 2013 is the best year yet for you?

· What are you doing right now to ensure you are building your business to give you the lifestyle you want?

February is upon us, and we are heading into a year that will be unequaled.

Are you enjoying the new focus you have given yourself? It is about planning and setting your intentions for success.

This year's Success belongs to the risk takers:

· Not the ones who are playing it safe.

· Life can be perverse like that, the more security you seek, the less of it you have.

· Therefore, the more you seek opportunities for success, the more likely it is that success will be achieved and satisfy your desire for you to be successful.

There are many bookshops that have self-help books, each one of them loaded with ideas that you can use to be more successful. The fact is though:

1. It is not about advice

2. It is not about reading

3. It is not about waiting for success to turn up.

It is about motivation, however all of this is only beneficial if you can motivate yourself to take persistent, and continuous action in the direction you set with your strategic plan, which you set through the goals and your Vision.

The most important quality of success is: -

· Self-discipline: Self-discipline is the decision you make, it is the stand you take, it is using your abilities based on your character.

· It is your strength of character and will power - to do what you should do and what you know is right for you whether you feel like it or not.
Character is your ability to follow through on your promises after the enthusiasm you started with has passed or faded. It is not about what you learn that is decisive for your future. What it is though, it is knowing that you can discipline yourself to pay whatever price is necessary to complete your task and do this over and over again until you achieve your goals.

Now, if this is important to you, here is a quick exercise to move you forward if you are serious about getting the results you dream of for your business.First, identify the biggest challenge/problem you face today that stands in the way of you achieving your biggest goal.

Second, ask yourself; "What is the question I need to ask that will change the results I need to move my Business forward?"Cheers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Positive Aspects Of A Career

It is  essentially career stagnation, and for many people, it is a very unsettling place to be. Career plateaus happen to nearly everyone at some point in their lives. While the reasons for your career stalling are varied, it is important to not allow it to over come you. Here are some ways to transform a plateau into a catalyst to propel you toward the next level of your career;

Determine the Reason

One of the first things to do when you realize you've plateaued in your career is to take some time to determine the reason. Is this a natural plateau that has occurred as you patiently wait for a promotion? Is it due to economic turns that have left your company struggling to grow? Some people even design purposeful plateaus into their career for personal reasons. One example of this would be choosing to take on less responsibility and work as you focus on raising your children. Plateaus are sometimes a necessary break in your workload to recharge and prepare for your next venture.

Many job ruts are unforeseen, however. When this occurs, they are more likely to cause deep frustration. If you have been working diligently for a long period of time and are consistently  over looked for more responsibility or promotions, it might  be time to look for other job opportunities. Regardless of the reason behind career plateaus, these quiet times can have a transformed effect on you life if you know how to take advantage of them.

Look at the Positives

If you take time to consider the positive aspect of a career lull, you'll soon see that career plateaus offer some benefits. Keep these positive aspects of career plateaus in mind to regain perspective as you move through this season in your career:

  • They offer a chance to stop and consider your goals, regain strength for upcoming obstacles and change course if necessary.
  • They give you time to learn and strategies to reach your next great position. For instance, when business is slow, you have time to acquire additional training .
  • Career plateaus grant you a valuable opportunity to develop your own business or side venture. While enjoying the security of steady income, benefits and minimal work pressures, you can put more time and energy into cultivating your hobbies, freelance work or budding business.
Be Realistic About the Negatives

While it is important to avoid self-pity and remain optimistic about your career situation, it is just as vital to learn any necessary lessons. Look at your situation and honestly assess any performance issue that could have contributed to your career plateau. has boredom with your current position caused the quality of your work to take a nosedive? This gradual disengagement that can occur if you no longer feel challenged by your work leads to habitual under performance, which will not go unnoticed in any position.

Another possible contributing factor to consider is your embedded reputation. This is a dynamic within the company that ultimately hinders you from promotion because you are seen by your superiors in a certain way. once you have been typecast in this manner, it is difficult to break free from that image. when this occurs, your best option is to seek out better employment opportunities and break free from your mold.

 Seek professional Career Guidance

Career plateaus are a part of life. While they can cause a lot of stress and job dissatisfaction, they do not have the power to derail you unless you become internally paralyzed by them. Looking for the positives of your situation, strategies your next career move and learning from the lull will ensures you are handling a career rut effectively. If you find yourself struggling through a plateau period, consulting a staffing professional can help you create a reasonable action plan to transition out of your current position.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Your Education And Priorities Are?

 Go online and look up your college or university's mission statement. It's great way of telling what their priorities are.

Here's what  I found when I looked up mine:    

"The goal of the university is to develop, transmit, and utilize knowledge in order to provide access to quality education for diverse groups of students and to prepare citizens for a lifelong learning in global society".

Now ask yourself a question: Does your university's mission match you own for what you want from a school?

It probably doesn't shock you that you can't find the word career never shows up in the GSU mission statement I listed above. 
After all, institutions of higher learning are famous for the values of dedication to knowledge and pucblic-spiritedness.
Those are both great things, but it means that their primary goal is not to help you find employment once you walk out their doors. The school makes that your responsibility. Identifying opportunities for their students to find work in the outside world is treated as an ancillary duty, at best.

Think about it in terms of the costs involved in college and what gets invested in your job search. CNN recently estimated that it costs over #60,000 to graduate from a large public university ( and as much as $250,000 at some private colleges), but students are likely to get less than 6 hours of direct education from their schools about how to find their first out-of-college jobs.

College career do what they can, but are generally underfunded for the tasks they face, and they end up providing gifted and energized students with cookie-cutter, single-page resume formats and one-size-fits-all advice. If you're lucky, someone will look at your resume and critique it with the same advice they give to everyone else.
My point is not to sour you on the benefits of your education or even your campus career office. Take advantage of everything you have access to. But remember that your school sees its job as to education you and finding you a job comes in not a distant second or third but maybe fifth.
Career Accelerator exists to fill the void that develops between your university's mission and your own.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Find Destination Of Vietnam

Best place for spending vacation in Vietnam. Vietnam is an exotic country that represents every thing a vacationer could ever ask for during his or her holiday -breath taking sights, a peaceful yet beautiful countryside, and a verity of major cities with plenty of commercial establishments and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

What makes paying a visit to this tourist destination even more worthwhile is the strong spending power enjoyed by most foreigners when they buy dong using their local currencies, As of today, one U.S. dollar is worth close to 21,000 Vietnam dong notes , which basically means vacationists get to to afford themselves a luxurious holiday without having to worry about over spending.

Visitors of this gem is southeast Asia will have plenty of things to do to keep happily preoccupied during their vacations, amongst which includes embarking on a cruise along Halong Bay. These cruises within within the northern regions of the country offer panoramic views of beautiful islands plus other natural land formations as the luxury boat makes its way through its chartered course.

Commercial services include all necessities a passenger will ever need throughout the days spent at sea. While availing such an extravagant package within the U.S. would literally cost thousands, passengers on lavish Vietnam cruises should only expect to pay a hundred dollars at average.

Those looking to unwind at peaceful beaches, and experience a laid back vacation infused with a quaint, old town atmosphere are advised to head on over to Hoi An. I addition to this place being a UNESCO world Heritage Site, numerous trendy tailor shops are conveniently located throughout the area.

These establishments offer tailor made clothing at extremely affordable prices. A custom suit specially tailored to a customer's measurements can be bought for as low as 500,000 Vietnam Dong notes, which is less than $25.

Another great attraction that a vacationer would be foolish to miss out on would be experiencing the mouth-watering goodness of local culinary cooking. Foreigners from all parts of the globe have given positive feedback on the unique yet delicious tasting meals available at mediocre to premier restaurants.