Monday, May 13, 2013

Effective Logo Design Identify Your Unique Brand

Your choose want your brand to gain a unique positioning, create a fabulous logo design. It is one of the simplest elements of brand communication; however, it is an effective and recognized tool for communication. Since most businesses communicate with their clients through their logos, many leading coffee, car and shoe brands are recognized and remembered due to their unique logos.

Your logo design needs to be effective to achieve the right effect and to create a strong impact. To understand how this can be done, you have to know all the basic elements that go into creating a logo. You can use one or two of these elements or perhaps a blend of all three to design your company's logo.


Use graphics or icons to design your logo, as images usually become prominent even in a cluttered space.


Impactful logos can be created with different fonts. You have to design something which communicates your brand's identity in the best possible manner.


Your choice of colour combination plays a very interesting role in the creation of your logo. You may have noticed that certain colour combinations signify a specific brand. Some brands are known simply because of the colour combinations and not their logos.

As a logo designer, your first priority should be that your logo is understandable. People should be able to relate to your brand through your logo. To be distinctive, your logo should preferably be differentiated from competitive brands. You can achieve this through using unique colour combinations, text and graphics. A logo may be considered unique based on any one of these elements. The impact created by your logo should be so strong that it gets accepted widely and people remember your brand for a long time.

However, in an effort to create a unique logo, don't make it overly complicated. Although such a logo may communicate in detail what your company does and look very artistic, but these details will be lost when the logo has to be scaled down. In contrast, a simple logo will create a greater impact regardless of the size.

Since a logo needs to be timeless, the style should be such that does not age for years to come. If you choose a trending style in font or graphics, it may look amazing now, but you may find yourself re-doing it within a few years.

Your logo will be used in many promotional and business tools, such as business cards, banners, the website and even on the products. The design that you create should work well within all these elements.

Now that you are aware of all the significant elements that are essential for logo designing, you are ready to get started. Create a remarkable logo and give your company a professional image that communicates with your clients.

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