Friday, May 24, 2013

Fundraiser For Non Profit Organizations

Many non profit organizations in our communities. Each organization is providing a unique service or goods that are greatly needed in our society. All of these organizations are holding fundraisers to help them pay for the goods or service they provide. All of the money needed to keep these organizations running must come from members of the community who are willing to give. Let's face it, not every one in the community is willing or able to give money to fundraisers held by non profit organizations. 

Those who are willing to give are unable to donate to all the organizations asking for their money. It becomes a challenge to hold fundraisers that will attract people and raise the amount of money they need. People like to be entertained and will be more likely to support fundraisers that are fun and unusual. It is also important to keep the cost of the fundraisers as low as possible. After all you are trying to raise money. Here are some suggestions for fun, low cost fundraisers that may help your non profit organization attract more supporters.

Spelling Bee

This is a great, low cost fundraiser for non profit organizations. You can invite either children or adults to be the spellers. If you invite children you know their families will support them. If you invite adults their families and friends will come to support them or to heckle them. Either way you are able to raise funds to meet the financial needs of your non profit organizations. Each of your spellers gathers pledges for specific amount the supporter will donate for each word spelled correctly.

For a spelling bee you will need a room, preferably with a stage for the participants, forms for participants to collect pledges, a spelling list, and a prize or a ribbon for the winner. You may have audience members who have not had the opportunity to make a pledge. Since this is a fundraiser for your non profit organization you will want to give all audience members the opportunity to fill out a pledge form before the spelling bee begins. I addition to the host you may want to have a panel of judges to help determine if a word is spelled correctly and keep track of how many words each speller spells correctly. 

Since this is a fundraiser for your non profit organization you may want to allow the spellers to bribe the judges in order to increase their number is "correctly spelled" words. All bribes go to the non profit organizations. It is best to have volunteers collect the money from the pledges immediately following the spelling bee. You may also want to ask volunteers to help provide refreshments. People are more likely to come to an event when they know there will be refreshments.

Dog Show

This is a great, almost free, fundraiser for any non profit organization. Dogs are very lovable animals and dog owners love to show off their pets. You will need a park or large, grassy yard or a large room in a building that allows dogs. All interested dog owners sign up and pay an entry fee. Funds raised by the entry fee go to the non profit organization. In order inspire more participation you will want to have several categories for the dogs to compete in, including, smartest, cutest, smallest, largest, most talented, etc. A panel of judges will determine the winner. Since this is a fundraiser for a non profit organization you may want to allow people to bribe the judges. All bribes go to the organization. All winners receive a ribbon. Providing refreshments for the human participants is optional.

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