Sunday, May 12, 2013

What Is The Impact Of Switchable Glass In Your Business

Whether your business is looking for an affordable way to improve its interior or exterior aesthetics, or it simply needs an affordable privacy solution that is easy to install, it should consider implementing switchable privacy glass from Polytronix -- panels that change from transparent to translucent with the press of a button. Press the button again and the panels returns to a translucent state.

Switchable privacy glass is composed of five layers: a layer of liquid crystal film that is contained between two layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) that are sandwiched between two panes of glass. When the product is powered on, liquid crystal droplets in the liquid crystal film line up to make the pane transparent. When the product is powered off, the crystal droplets randomly disperse and cause the pane to have a cloudy color. The PVB layers enhance the optical effects of both states.

Installation Ideas

Providers of switchable glass services can install the glass in various building areas in a variety of sizes and
configurations. Common areas of installation in professional business settings include: boardrooms, cubicle areas, and offices. Installation sites in restaurants and clubs frequently include: bathroom doors, VIP areas, and exterior windows and doors. Popular areas of installation in health care settings include: surgery areas, maternity wards, and patient consultation desks. Common installation sites in health clubs include shower enclosures and private workout areas.

In addition to being aesthetically unique, switchable privacy glass gives businesses the ability to control the level of privacy in any given setting. Many businesses prefer the aesthetic of an open floor plan but need secluded areas for client consultations and project meetings. Providers of switchable glass services can provide a solution that permits both options. When meetings are not in session, transparent panels can make the floor plan feel open. When meetings convene, the panels can be made translucent with the press of a button. Often discussed for its unique aesthetic, the product also offers practical solutions for interior design.

Installation and Use

Polytronix switchable privacy glass is easy to install and easier to use -- just press a button to get the effect you need. Whether you operate a dining establishment, an office building, a health care center, a health club, or another type of business, chances are that the product has something to offer your business in terms of a privacy solution or a unique aesthetic implement. To learn more about Polytronix products, call a provider of switchable glass services today. Glass industry is growing in the world Business.

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