Monday, June 17, 2013

First Three Steps Of The AIDA Selling Model

First three steps Of The AIDA model is a method of selling that is commonly used to sell low cost, unsophisticated products, or to sell to prospects who don't give you much time to pitch. AIDA is an acronym and stands for the following four steps in the model:

1. Attention
2. Interest
3. Desire
4. Action

The first step in the AIDA model is to grab the prospects attention. If you are involved in door-to-door selling, or if your new prospects will only give you a few minutes (sometimes less) of their time, you must be able to quickly grab their attention so that they will allow you to move on to the next step of the model.

Here's something to think about: it only takes a few seconds for passers-by to walk by a store window display, and if the display doesn't grab their attention in that short space of time, they will walk by and not look back. If, on the other hand, the window display grabs their attention, they will probably take the time to come in the store which will give you more time to discuss or demonstrate your product, which could lead to making a sale.

It is during the time that you have to grab the attention of the prospect that they will decide whether they will continue listening to you, or not give you any further time. These few minutes are crucial, and the way to implement it effectively is to use creativity. Think carefully and creatively of the first words that you utter to your prospect. You might ask a good question, or give some startling facts or figures that relate to the product or service that you sell. If you must rely on a window display to grab the attention of a prospect, be sure to use creativity in dressing the window. The key is to think creatively of how you can successfully grab the attention of your prospect!

Once you have grabbed the interest of the prospect you can move onto the second step of the AIDA model, and that is to keep their interest. Do this by finding out their needs. Ask questions and then take the time to listen and understand exactly what the prospect needs. The prospect wants to be listened to! As the salesperson, it is your responsibility to then meet the needs, which could mean adapting your product or service to satisfy those needs.

"D" is for "desire". This is the third step in the AIDA model. Grabbing the attention and arousing the interest of the prospect is not enough to make the sale. People might be interested in your product, but may not have a desire to act. The prospect must develop a desire for your product if they are to purchase it, and you must help them along. You can create a sense of desire for your product or service in a number of ways. Here are four of them:

- Focus on the benefits of the product that you are selling. Emphasize how the benefits will positively affect the prospect if they were to own it.

- Instill a sense of urgency for the product by perhaps emphasizing limited availability. A sense of urgency tends to create desire in the product.

- Give value to your product or service

- Emphasize the fact that others have bought the product and are happy with it. Use testimonials to support your claims.

Once you are convinced that the prospect has a desire for your product, confidently and quickly move onto the final fourth step of the AIDA model: Action.

After you have successfully taken the prospect through the first three steps of the AIDA selling model, they need to then be led to take action and purchase the product. There should be no fear or hesitation in asking for the sale. Even before the prospect has confirmed the purchase, ask confidently and expectantly: "How many shall I pack?", "Would you like the green one or the blue one?", "Will it be cash or credit?", "When would you like us to delivery it?" By asking these types of questions you are helping the prospect take the decision to buy the product. Experience suggests that most prospects appreciate these types of questions because they help them to take a decision; it gives them that little extra push that they seem to want!

The AIDA model is an easy and extremely effective selling model.

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