Monday, July 8, 2013

9 Major Points Use In Business Consultant

Nine steps that business needs to follow to get started.

1. Constant Contact - Use this on your website or Facebook page to build your email list, send newsletters, communicate with prospects and clients, set auto responders, and overall improve your communication with your marketing funnel. It also has some great analytics to track everything you send to know just how effective your emails are. Visually, I think this is more appealing than mail chimp and some of the others on the market and it's about the same price.

2. WordPress - It's a great blog and website platform. The free templates have come a long way and whether you host your site with WordPress or a third-party like Go Daddy, it's simple to set up and use.

3. Zoho - This is one of the best CRM products on the market and it's free for up to 3 users. Track all your leads, prospects, and ongoing clients by stage, set follow-up activities, and know where your pipeline is at all times.

4. - Great free screen sharing tool. Doesn't cost a dime and its super easy for you to share your screen with a client or for them to share their screen with you.

5. Free Conference Call - Use for conference calls, webinars, training, etc. You can also record your calls and provide a free playback link.

6. Screencast-o-matic - great tool for you to record short videos. It has the capability to capture anything on your desktop as well as a video camera and combine the two. Free for up to 15 minutes of video and only about $15 per year for larger videos.

7. PayPal - This is my opinion the best way to take payments online. Setup recurring payments or send email based invoices. This is the only payment solution that provides a debit/credit card for your use that gives instant access to payments and cash back on all credit card uses. Effectively drops your rate to just 1.25% on most purchase - the best in the industry.

8. Eventbrite - I use this anytime I run an event. It's a great online event management system that tracks the event, registrations, takes payments (leverages PayPal), and allows you to communication with participants.

9. Go Daddy - I've been with them for about 7 years now and just love Go Daddy. The support is awesome and you can't beat the hosting and email cost. I pay about $9 per month for my hosting and email. That gets me 150 GB of data storage. Big name in web hosting.

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