Sunday, July 14, 2013

Data Capture Accuracy Used Effectively

A brief introduction for those who don't know what it is, data capture is a method of extracting information from forms and surveys that have been filled out by people either by hand or digitally. So if someone has filled in a survey or form, they can be scanned and captured and the extracted information used for its original purpose, for research, and using an actual data capture service can save a considerable amount of time doing the work by hand.

That's the basic gist of what data capture is whether for forms, surveys or other documents that need their data interacting and although there has been a standard use for data capture since it was picked up as a useful and popular service but it is also being used for many other reasons in 2013.

Along with general marketing and research techniques, the data capture of forms has had to change and adapt to changing attitudes throughout the world. In 2012 and into 2013 more and more business cards are being captured and their details including phone numbers, email addresses and other important are captured and put into databases so they can be used effectively in the future for a mixture of mailing lists and email marketing. 

However there's another side of business card capture where a lot of restaurants and entertainment establishments are offering a raffle for those who leave their business cards behind in a jar so that the eventual winner wins a prize and they can use all data from business card for marketing purposes. You may think it's a difficult and expensive process to capture business card data due to their different layouts and order, but it's a lot simpler than it seems especially using automated or automatic data capture.

Form data capture has also now been picked up by health organizations such as the NHS in order to survey patients and staff on their opinions on their service. As one of the most scrutinized and monitored service providers in the UK, they need to stay on the top of their game as all times and this is one way of checking up on the satisfaction of their users. However they receive thousands of these feedback forms at any given moment so can't all be input manually so they outsource in order to gather this information into easily manageable data and presentations so they can browse through the data with ease and get down to the bottom of any problems or see where they are exceeding expectations.

As such, data capture has become a service that extends beyond market research companies and marketing firms, but is now an essential tool in order to gain an insight into issues as well as for general feedback. As the businesses across the world are subject to more scrutiny and higher expectations, it's almost become a requirement to be the best you possibly can be and even more besides. Going the extra mile.

People as a whole are still more likely to fill out a paper-based form than one sent to them online or if they're given a link to go to. So whilst some things change over time such as the use of this particular service.

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