Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Different Types Of Washroom Services

High level of hygiene in public washrooms, it is crucial to take on the assistance of a reputable company offering washroom services for your business organization. The professionals delivering the washroom equipment and services ensure a safe and hygienic environment for your employees and clients using the washroom. Here are some essential services to look out for while taking on a professional provider.

Hand Cleaning Facilities

A wall-mounted hand cleaning arrangement is a necessity in any washroom. This is essentially a detergent dispensing device. You can choose from automated systems that provide fluid, gel or froth type detergent. These hand-washing solutions provide a great comfort to your employees and clients.

The arrangement incorporates reloading facility as and when required.

Hand Driers

Automatic hand driers are a good option if you want to reduce tissue paper waste in your washroom.

Sanitary Disposal Units

Sanitary disposal bins are vital for a female washroom. They provide a cost-effective, discreet and hygienic solution for woman employees and clients at your organisation.

Automatic Air Fresheners

You may install an air freshener system to keep your washroom free from disagreeable odours at all times. The device is programmable and fully automated. You can choose from a variety of fragrances.

Cistern and Toilet Sanitizers

These units installed inside your cisterns dispense a quantity of a sanitizing fluid with every flush. The solution keeps the toilet bowls clean. In addition, regular flushing with the solution prevents the build up of deposits in the drainpipes.

The sanitizing fluid has a pleasant fragrance, which dispels unpleasant odours in the washroom.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are perhaps the most important units in a washroom. You can choose from a wide assortment of toilet paper types.

Most toilet paper is available as one or two ply. A 2-ply sheet is about 20% less thick than two sheets of one ply toilet paper. There are luxury or quilted toilet paper rolls, which are considerably more expensive that the regular varieties.

A sheet type of toilet paper is an interleaved toilet paper. A second sheet is automatically available when you pull out a sheet.

There are recycled toilet paper rolls for the environmentally conscious business owner. Made from office grade recycled paper, these toilet rolls offer an essential service for your washroom.

Additional Facilities

Refuse sacks and bin liners are important for any washroom. You must have an abundant supply of these articles for effective waste management.

Cleaning Services for Washrooms

It is essential to keep your washroom clean and hygienic at all times and to maintain the devices installed. The company making available the washroom services take care of this aspect. They deploy professional cleaners for maintaining your washroom.

The skilled cleaners scour all the surfaces to remove any dirt or marks. This eliminates the possibility of microbe build up in the washroom. The professionals sanitize the equipment installed and check maintenance issues.

Plumbing professionals from the service check the pipes and cisterns for blockages.

Clean and hygienic washrooms are essential for creating a healthy work environment for your employees and making a positive impression on your business clients.

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