Monday, July 1, 2013

Online Reputation Management

The only problem with this free analysis is that your analysts are highly biased and they can foul mouth you for some so trivial that you may not even recollect anything about it. Suddenly, the entire world will turn against you.

The entire professional fraternity is at the risk of overnight bombardment of unsolicited censures, but hospitality, health and legal services are the most vulnerable thanks to the high stakes that are at play here.

So, what should you do to if you get hit by one of these stink bombs? Is there an effective way of avoiding such nastiness? We will take a look at the two most common approaches taken by Online Reputation Management professionals and offer our own views on which we think is the better.

'House on Fire' Strategy

What do you do when everything is at stake? You begin contingency measures to stop your reputation from bleeding further and you do with every bone and muscles in your body. Chances are that you will hire more than one ORM professional team and spend huge amounts in days and keep your fingers crossed hoping that the bad times are over soon.

This approach takes advantage of the fact that public-memory is short termed. People forget things pretty fast if they are bombarded with new information. The old news starts getting hidden under a heap of fresh developments and in no time people will start asking what started the entire episode.

There are however very significant downsides of doing this. The first and the biggest is the price of hiring teams at short notice. The second is the brevity of outcomes. Google is particular about keeping its algorithms from being manipulated. If you keep piling similar content all over place, the bots are going to turn their mechanical eye on you!

Your content will be penalized and removed from the indexes and you will disappear faster than you came! So then you will have to set the wheels to motion all over again, until the shadow has passed.

The Really Effective Strategy of Managing Your Reputation Online

Google and all the other search engines out there want you to take things slow and build a robust structure. Long term ORM strategies are always far more successful that hasty patchworks of spam my content.
If you have the time to manage your reputation on your own, you should spread the work over a longer period. Do what you would have done in a day in a month. Spread your reach and create better pieces that cover your name and niche.

Create profile for your name or brand in all possible social platforms and start consolidating enough information about your name. Getting aggressive with your online brand reputation management efforts will get you nowhere!

How to Create Content For ORM?

God help your brand if you rush out to the nearest ORM team and they start plugging scraped and duplicate content with little variations. Instead of doing any good, you will have your name deeper in the muck. Choose wisely and find people who know what they are doing. Sometimes, it may be better to take some time to hand pick professionals from among many.

Lawyers, Doctors, Hospitality managers, Health care professionals who require a good name in the market to survive must invest in reputation management. Online discussions and review boards exist on the Internet and anyone looking for a doctor or a lawyer will come across these boards. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and think what you would have done had you seen something negative?

There was a time when reclaiming one's name and fame did cost a lot. It was beyond the reach of a doctor or a lawyer. Taking the fight on the pages of a tabloid or newspaper usually required huge sums of money. Thanks to the dominance of websites over newspapers and magazines, today we are capable of keeping our honor intact.

If you need real life examples of negative reputation spoiling livelihoods, we will share an incident in these very pages soon. We will see how the victim managed to sail past the turbulence and reestablish his name after a long battle with the media. He was from a different time when online reputation management was not even heard of.

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