Saturday, July 20, 2013

Three Simple Leadership

Simplifying the complex process of leadership? If so don't be ashamed because most leaders are. Whether you are taking your first steps as a leader or have been leading people for decades the leadership process is full of complexities. In this article I will show you how to simplify the leadership process using just one letter; impossible right?

There are many theories and acronyms floating around the Internet that all claim to be able to solve the riddle of leadership's complexity, and while some of them are helpful, most of them are incomplete and inconsistent.

Today I introduce you to the three P's; Professionalism, People, and Productivity. When these three areas are executed properly leadership is effective, efficient, and simplified. Think of the 3 P's as a dart board, the outer ring being Professionalism, the middle ring People, and the bull's eye being Productivity. An effective and efficient leader must be diversified in these areas, starting on the outer ring and working inwards. Leaders that just aim straight for the bull's eye will indeed accomplish their task by hitting Productivity, but they will lose their respect and employee efficiency because they have neglected the Professionalism and the People rings.

Now we will break down the three P's referencing a car.

Professionalism: This is the door to leadership, the process can be opened or lost here, and you are the key. A leader's professionalism enriches their leadership competencies; it adds instant value to their actions and decisions. Professionalism consists of preparedness, integrity, knowledge, and morals.

People: This is the engine that drives leadership, without it you will go nowhere. Establishing the correct relationship with your employees is an essential step in achieving efficiency. This is done by developing the precise approach to unlocking their potential. People consist of respect, motivation, selfless service, and personal courage.

Productivity: This is the GPS of leadership, where do you need to go? You have already opened the door and started the engine, now you need a precise route to victory. Productivity consists of directions, clarity, communication, and enforcement.

Mastering the three P's will undoubtedly optimize and simplify your leadership process. The three P's should be used a guideline or checklist just as a great leader I know used the three M's; mission, men, and me. As you lead your employees ask yourself, have I established and maintained my professionalism.

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