Sunday, September 15, 2013

5 Ways To Fund Living Overseas High Lifestyle

The cost of living continues to increase. It is sometimes manageable, but not everyone with a mortgage can afford living from paycheck to paycheck. It may be more affordable to live across the pond and require less money than you think. We all worry about how we are going to pay for all of our expenses wherever our lives take us, and we all need a little extra to pamper ourselves once in a while. Leaving our comfort zone to find another job is something we all dread, but there are multiple opportunities made available for our disposal; it is up to us to find them. Here we will share five ways to fund an easy lifestyle while overseas.

First establish what it is that needs to be shipped by searching for the best international shipping rates.

There are affordable rates offered to travelers worldwide, it is just a matter of finding the right price and proper care for your belongings. There are shipping companies that provide door to door shipping service, all you will need to do is book their service and they will pick up your luggage for you and send it to your destination undamaged. They can provide anyone with heavy packaging a low cost shipping method, with quality assurance.

According to Going Global, a business committed to informing working class travelers about international employment, listed the most affordable places to live overseas were: Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Costa Rica and Belize. Spending less is something that most American citizens want to be in the habit of and in another country it is possible. Things that are cheap for the traveler may be expensive for people living in the Philippines. As long as you have the sense to conserve and plan ahead, anyone can be able to make their money stretch in a new location.

What can I do to make a living in another country? It is important to be creative while venturing off in a new country. Think about some of the things you are good at that most people can relate to and make yourself available to those sources of employment. Roll up your sleeves and hustle while enjoying the fruits of your new community. Here is a list of some platforms for any traveler looking for a means of work.

Travel Writing and Photography

The Internet is making it easier than ever to share your story via photos and the written word, and people want to hear about it. Organizations like International Living are always in demand for traveling and foreign lifestyle articles. Some may even offer to cover traveling expenses. You do not have to be a professional photographer or writer to get your story across in a million words and crafty pictures. Sometimes a simple photo and a short article is something people enjoy most.

Teach your native language

As long as you have a degree, a certificate, or even experience working in education there will be opportunities to explore in universities, small schools or tutoring facilities. Native speaker teachers are always preferred as teachers in another country.

Sell goods online

Interesting and new products are always on demand, especially items that are not made available to people in the U.S. You could meet with the owner of the product and propose to set up a website or sell their products on eBay. Keep a portion of the profit and build revenue for the client. After all, money does make the world go round.

Work as a bartender or server

There is always a need for bartenders and waiters in busy towns and cities looking for English speakers, especially in popular touristy communities. It does not hurt to ask your hostel manager for some help about restaurants or pubs looking for new employees.

Develop your own tours for American tourists

Most travelers want to be able to understand their tour guide while out discovering the new foreign city. Being able to share with them your story about the town and its perks make for pleasant work and you get to make some new friends with every tour .

The opportunities are endless overseas. Don't sell yourself short for working for a grumpy old boss that always forgets to pay you on time in America. Work for yourself and start a new business in Costa Rica, teach English to kids in the Philippines, or give tours to tourists in Thailand. Anything you can think of has a demand for it, your new career in another country today.

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