Monday, September 9, 2013

Construction Safety Is A Big Deal

Construction on its own is somewhat of an inherently dangerous trade. Construction workers are in environments with lots of people and equipment, and the chances of injury are higher on a construction site than those at the average cubicle- filled office.

How can construction workers have a safer work environment? There are several factors, and one of the most important is worker education. There are quite a few rules and regulations associated with construction sites, and making sure workers are educated about safety is crucially important to preventing injuries.

Although there are many types of construction, one method that is growing increasing popular is modular construction. Often celebrated for its ability to be built quickly and for its green benefits, modular is a great alternative to traditional building methods. 

On a traditional building project the materials are brought to the construction site and then used for the actual building. This leads to lots of excess waste, as well as being incredibly intrusive to the job site. These materials often take up a lot of space and are used by a multitude of contractors and subcontractors. This process leads to lots of coming and going, as well as moving materials around.

Modular construction is quite different in that instead of bringing all those materials to the site and working on them there, components are built in an off-site factory. This means that all the heavy lifting and hard work is done in the factory, which translates to no mess or dust at the job site.

Recent studies have also shown that modular construction is safer than traditional means. One study found that modular construction companies have a much higher adoption of safety practices.

After all the modular components are completed at the factory, they are shipped to the build site. Instead of having painters, electricians, framers and other specialized laborers, an installation team can have the project done in record time. Studies have shown that modular construction is completed about 40% - 60% faster than traditional construction methods. Most modularity built projects are completed in days, not months.

In conclusion, construction safety is very important. Many companies are seeing a direct connection between modular construction and safety. It's no accident that modular companies are safer and produce a high quality product.

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