Friday, September 13, 2013

Disaster And Incident Command System

Disaster system and structure works and quick respond.There is a disaster in waiting every moment, so it is of utmost importance to have a system in place that would tackle the challenges faced during any such emergency and provide the required help to the people in need.

This system needs to be available in all the departments of a particular business, practice and residential or commercial structures to make them foolproof from any emergency that can occur at any given time. Also, this system must have all the required equipments and people to pull off a rescue operation with high success percentage.

One such system which is followed in the US is called the Incident Command Structure or System (ICS). The ICS is particularly defined as a method that takes care of the 3C's (control, coordination and command) during an emergency. It could be better explained in a better way as a structure containing predefined rules, a certain number of experts, a fully equipped facility and processes which are used all together to cater response to emergencies of any complexity and type.

The Incident Command System is a well tested and trusted form of managing and reducing the damage caused by an uncalled for emergency. This method of limiting damage has been successfully used by many government and non-government structures, including hospitals and military. The system has also proved its worth in a lot of businesses as well. The major role of ICS is to significantly narrow down the damage caused to property and people during a case of an emergency as well as non-emergency disaster.

The ICS looks majorly into the planning, command, logistics, administration and operations during any particular emergency. Every part of the system is handled by an expert personnel, who takes care of the proper working of his respective are of interest. First of all there is the Planning Section Chief who collects all the required information from every other department and thus constructs a plan of action. Then, there is the incident commander who directs every person and every action. The logistic Chief caters to providing relief material at the facility in question.
The administration Chief looks into the finances during any emergency operation. While the Operation's Chief handles the staff and the residents of the facility in need of emergency help. Apart from these people, there are several others as well who get the operation rolling and inform the media and outside world about the happenings.

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