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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jobs and AC/DC Have in Common?

Do Steve jobs and Ac/Dc. The rock band AC/DC was formed in 1973 sold over 200 million albums. "Back in Black," released in 1980, sold over 50 million copies, second only to "Thriller." 40 years later, spectators from North & South America, Europe, Asia and Africa still flood to their concerts. In 2011, during their latest world tour, close to 200,000 spectators attended a series of 3 concerts in River Plate, Argentina. We are in 2014, the members of the band are in their late fifties, early sixties. They are still rocking. What is their secret?

Steve Jobs created Apple in 1976, co-invented the first personal computer selling over 210 million units. He then went on inventing and selling 350 million iPods, 200 million iPhones, and 100 million iPads. In the process, he also revolutionized the music industry with iTunes. Close to 40 years later, even though Steve Jobs is not among us any longer, Apple is still rocking. What was his secret?

The secret is that both AC/DC and Steve Jobs shared the same philosophy...

1. They both had a clear understanding of what their company/band was about.
2. They both had a clear understanding of their "niche" and never compromised.
3. They both sold an "experience," not a product.
4. They both were the master at creating a strategy that was perceived positively.

"AC/DC and Steve Jobs realized long before "Social Media" existed, that to have sustainable success in whatever industry you are, you must sell more than just innovative quality products. They understood that they had to connect their brand with their customers, at an emotional level. That their ability to build personal relationships would be the deciding factor."

The "Social Media" revolution gives you the opportunity to apply the same principles to your business, emotionalizing your brand building personal relationships with your ecosystem.

- The name is "Emotional Branding"
- The key is "Content Marketing"
- The tools are "Social Media" platforms
- The beauty of it, is that it is "Affordable"
Consumers of all types, in all industries, are people who want to feel "Positive Emotions" before anything else. Your branding strategy must be designed to create a personal dialog with them.

"Branding is not about market share, it is about mind & emotions share."

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Four Trends in Architectural Design

Pays to know what people are currently after. There are a lot of new trends taking place and you can encompass them within your own designs. Finding an architect that is familiar with these trends and that have embraced them in their own designs can help you dramatically to ensure you are satisfied with the ultimate design created for you.
Large Open Spaces

When you are looking at a new design, you want to take into consideration the amount of space that you have in a room or lobby. Large open spaces are highly desirable because it allows people to sit back and relax. Whether you are designing a home and you wish for a large living room or you are designing a business with a large lobby, consider the space that you can create both vertically and horizontally. Vaulted ceilings and rooms with a higher square footage can be achieved through your architectural designs.

Easy Access

The days of putting 42 inch upper cabinets in the kitchen are over. People want to obtain easier access to the things that are in their home and in their business. This is a trend that has become very popular and is seen around the globe. While some European companies have focused on easy access for years, many Americans are just realizing the importance of such designs - and they are being seen in more design magazines than ever before.

Convertible Space

It is impossible to know what you will need down the road. When you create an architectural design for yourself, think about how you can convert the space into another room down the line. For example, you may be able to create a unique design that allows you to split the space in half, creating two rooms if you need to do so at some point in the future.

Many hotels are using convertible space within their hotel rooms. This allows people in business to convert the hotel into more of a bedroom/office space when they are going to be spending more than a few days in town. Regardless of what your design is going to be used for, you can talk to an architect about having some kind of convertible space in place.

Eco-Friendly Materials

One architectural design trend that has been in place for several years now is the use of Eco-friendly materials. This is a trend that is not likely to go anywhere because people are becoming more aware of the environment and how they can make an impact. Sustainable and biodegradable materials can be used within your design, reducing the number of natural resources used.

Steel can be incorporated within the design, allowing you to use one of the most recycled products on the planet. You can also use a variety of other products that will last for decades, ensuring that you do not have to replace them frequently.
When you know the trends in architectural design, you can be sure your building is stunning and highly desirable by consumers and those who are looking to buy it in the future.

At Duane Bradshaw Architects, Houston every architectural design project begins with an idea, a concept. Whether we're designing a church, a home addition, a new parking garage or data center.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Latest Farming Equipment For Sale

The nature of farming which requires intensive labor and time expended, many manual farming processes were mechanized to help save time and energy. Over the years more and more processes were automated to help ease hard labor and to lighten the work load of farmers. This is where farming or agricultural equipment comes in. There are different types of agricultural machinery that may be found in the market today. Some categories of the machinery are the following:

Cultivation and Seeding Machines:

These are machines that help prepare the soil for planting such as ploughs and hoes, aerators and cultivators. Ploughs loosen the soil and turn it to prepare the land for planting. Cultivators cut in to the soil lines or grooves where seeds are planted. Machines such as row planters and seed drills are also classified under this. A row planter helps the farmer plant seeds several rows at a time while the seed drill plants seeds and covers the seeds with soil.


Machines that help farmers fertilize the plants are called spreaders. When liquids such as pesticides and other chemicals are used on plants, the machines used are known as sprayers. These types of equipment help disperse or spread the fertilizers and/or chemicals quickly over a large area of land.


When the crops are ready to be harvested, machines known as harvesters are utilized. Combines for example harvest grain, pick and clean the crop and even separates the wheat. Other types of harvesters include the bean harvester, potato harvester, maize harvester and many more.


The tractor is the most important equipment in a farm as it helps haul all other farm machines including trailers. It is available in many different sizes to cater to the needs of the farm.

Many different kinds of machinery are now available with some of the machines having very specific uses. Hay balers help gather cut grass and tie them together into neat bales. There are also loaders that help move harvested crops from one place to another.

The machines may also be categorized as self-propelled machinery and/or implements. All of these machines help the farmers in every step in the production of food whether through plants or animals. Each machine has a particular purpose and capacities vary depending on the particular needs of a farmer and on the size and capacity of the farm.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Fastest Changing Media Digital Marketing

Media Digital Marketing the fastest changing media among all others. It takes just one minor change by a big fish like Google to send ripples of changes across the media. Thus, periodic analysis of such changes is necessary. At the dawn of  2014, this article discusses the popular trends that rule Digital Marketing so as to facilitate both advertisers and publishers in understanding the exact spots of the hot iron where the hammer is to be brought down. An informal study of the various branches reveals that Digital Marketing is bound to depend on content like never before.

The top three important parts of Digital Marketing according to advertisers and publishers are Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Big Data. Around 29% of the respondents believed Content Marketing will define Digital Marketing in 2014, 15.1% opined Mobile Marketing will see another big leap, while 12.9% said that feeding Big Data into the Internet will determine what the brand takes out of this media. Social CRM came fourth in the ranking with 9% rooting for it as the single most point of focus. Let us now analyze the top three trends that are likely to rule Digital Marketing in 2014.

Content Marketing for ORM

The content posted by, for, and about the brand shall be the biggest determining factor of the reputation which the brand creates for itself in the online world. Digital Marketing has become directly linked with Online Reputation Management (ORM) and the quality of the content has a direct effect on it. As the digital world is the modern method of communication, the online reputation which a brand develops is its image and is shared and communicated. Considering the speed at which information is passed around among the net users, keeping a close watch on the content is important. Content Marketing is no longer just about posting content. It also involves managing the reactions (to be fathomed from the comments) and ensuring that a good online reputation is built and maintained.

Mobile Marketing for Better Targeting

The rate at which Mobile Marketing is developing almost single handedly fuels the growth in the digital world. With more and more users shifting from desktops to handheld devices, it is imperative for a brand to invest in this medium. Some experts even go ahead to predict that Mobile Marketing will one day define the whole process of Digital Marketing. With the speed and capacities of the mobiles improving in leaps and bounds, the above prediction may very well be worth its salt. It lends teeth to the targeting capabilities of Digital Marketing. With Mobile Ads finding a way to even the apps of smart phones, it is necessary to stay in the constant view of the users.

Big Data for Public Relations

Big Data denotes the information on the functions of the business, both structured and unstructured. Such data has traditionally been used for analysis by the brand so that defects and shortcomings can be accurately found out and rectified. Releasing informative data on the net bestows the faith of the users and enhances brand image. For example, if an automobile company conducts a research on the various car segments in the industry and releases the findings on the net, it would affect the potential consumers in 3 definite ways. Firstly, it will help the consumers to determine the best vehicle as per their needs, secondly, it will create goodwill for the brand, and thirdly the trust on the brand will go up.

Along with the above, the Digital Marketing will continue to thrive on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). However, the predictions for 2014 make it worthwhile to associate with a Digital Advertising Agency.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Clock Software For Employee Time Tracking Is One Easy

Time clock software for employee time tracking is one easy way to reduce the stress of payroll and free up time for more important tasks that contribute to your bottom line.

There are many strategies for dealing with workplace stress. For some, there may be a need to DE-clutter their work area. For others, cutting some task or resolving some conflict may be the required remedy. Knowing the cause of the stress is important to finding its resolution. A common source of stress is a demanding workload with a lot of strict deadlines. This stress can be amplified when the tasks required are not engaging or even remotely enjoyable.

For those in charge of employee compensation, payroll can be a stressful time. Gathering and sorting all of the employee time sheets, compiling scattered information, resolving employee errors, deciphering illegible markings, and all of the other hassles of payroll can add up to a lot of stress. Time clock software keeps employee time records in a single location. It also prepares reports and makes payroll a breeze.

With time clock software in place, all a manager has to do is open the desired report, and all of the employee time information is compiled and ready for payroll. Many time clock software offerings are compatible with payroll software, so management doesn't even have to transfer information from time sheets to payroll by hand. Depending on the size of your workforce, this could save you significant time.

If you're a busy professional with multiple responsibilities, there's no need to stress over tracking employee time. For a minimal investment, you can obtain a software package that will track it for you. Whether your workforce is large or small, the software will quickly pay itself off in saved time and reduced stress. I'm sure you could think of a myriad of things you'd rather do than spend hours compiling and entering employee time records for payroll.

There are plenty of resources available to help you determine the best time clock software to meet your needs. Look for free trials and online reviews. Many time clock programs will track your accruals of sick time and vacation time as well as regular hours worked. With a free trial, you can compare alternative software offerings, check out all of the features, and find the best software to track your employee time and accruals so you can do more of what you do best.

Hawk eye technology invites you to try Time Click free for 30-days. It is an easy-to-use software solution that will spare you many headaches and save you lots of time.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

WPF Controls Chart Tools Provide Several Business

Are you planning to cinch that elusive project for quite some time now, then you might want to consider using WPF charts the next time you are assigned to present to a prospective client. WPF chart tools provide several business scenarios which you can use not only to impress the client, but also to make your ideas come across. The platform provides several real-time features that you might want to check out and this article can help you have a brief overview of the platform and why using it can be to your advantage.

Key Features of WPF Charts

If you happen to be more comfortable with the traditional bars/lines or point charts, the platform takes the traditional up a different level. Real time charting and analysis of data or information are made easier with traditional charts available for those who want a more laid back look. For advanced users, they can present the data using 2D charts and 3D charts without compromising data.

In terms of chart types, a presenter has a wide array of chart types that they can use with their project. Aside from bar charts, one also has the option to use line, candlestick and mountain charts in their presentation. Customizations are also available in some WPF platforms allowing one to modify the theme to meet the expectations of the end user.

The platform is also engineered to meet the requirements of users whatever their skill level or.NET platform they may be using. An example would be binding of documents or data from various.NET providers. WPF can bind the data into one project, thus making it easier for various users to work on it without worrying about compatibility issues among software or platform used.

Another issue that seems to crop up during presentation is the inability to update information to reflect real time changes without affecting the whole presentation. With WPF chart controls, presenters can easily download large data files and process these without distressing about changing labels or other problems as the newest data can be immediately uploaded to the chart without affecting the whole presentation. This prevents time waste and improves productivity.

At the end of the day, the best feature that one can maximize with this platform is its intelligent dashboard, which allows the user to have a clean interface while being provided with the necessary tools. Users would find most WPF chart platforms with integrated multi-dimension analysis which makes it easier for one to perform calculations.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Philanthropic Acts Help Improve And Build Communities

 There are a lot of factors that can affect life and affect one's way of living. Without a stable job, individuals cannot sustain their needs and even the needs of their loved ones, making life much harder. Because of these issues, other problems like illnesses and crimes may be experienced, making the lives of others more miserable. Fortunately, with the philanthropic acts of charitable families and foundations, individuals will have better chances of having a better and more efficient life ahead of them.

How can these philanthropic acts help improve and build communities? Listed below are some of the benefits individuals may obtain with the help of generous and charitable acts of institutions, foundations and caring families.
More job opportunities - Since charitable families and foundations help businesses to expand their ventures, individuals can take advantage of it by looking for the ideal job position for them. Moreover, by having a stable job, individuals will enjoy better features that can help them cater to their needs. Aside from that, businesses can also have better and more efficient services since they can find the right employee who can help them present better services for their clients.

Better health benefits - Some charitable families have also provided better health benefits for individuals. For instance, a children's hospital has been improved to cater to the needs of children. The hospital these days provide effective medical services that include a pediatric trauma center, research facility and enhanced health services.

Better education - Education is also one of the major focus of charitable families and institutions. Their main goal is to educate individuals and provide them better opportunities to have a better life in the future. Aside from that, education can also reduce poverty and lessen the rate of crimes in the community, helping provide better features for individuals and making the community safe.

Help improve businesses - Business owners know that one of the main aspects of owning a business is having sufficient finances. Without sufficient finances, businesses can be closed and employees will be terminated. As a result, some foundations provide help for businesses. They provide services and solutions to cater to the needs of businesses and help them deal with the financial problems. On top of that, some institutions can also help them make their businesses more reputable that can surely entice more potential clients.