Friday, July 11, 2014

Effective Strategy And Planning For Outdoor Advertisement

One method of outdoor advertisement that has been adopted by a number of companies due to its cost and effectiveness is the use of lighted signs. But the effectiveness of these lights will not be realized if certain factors are not taken into consideration while putting them up. Here is what to have in mind if you intend to use lighted channel letters or any other form of outdoor advertisement to draw attention to your business premises.

Maintain simplicity

Your channel letter signs need to be as simple as possible. With just a single glance, the viewers should be able to comprehend the kind of information you are trying to pass across. There should also be a good balance between the text and the images. Note that too many images or too much text might appear ugly and boring and fail to capture the attentions that you had intended it for.

 Proper choice of colors

The colors you choose should be the ones to promote your brands so that consumer can always remember your brand whenever their eyes land on those colors. An ideal lighted building letters made of bright, bold and brush colors that are able to catch the attention of those passing by and force them to read the writings. You should however take care not to use irritating colors as your aim is to create a good rapport with you potential customers or clients.

Graphics and photos

Any good ideal outdoor ad should have the appropriate graphics that will make the people figure out immediately what the ad is all about without having to read through the whole texts. Graphics are very powerful since people have the tendency to remember them longer than texts. Though using the ideal graphics might slightly increase the budget of your outdoor advertising in terms of the channel letter prices, it is likely to pay off in the long run.


Having very beautiful and attractive lighted sign installed in your business premises is zero guarantees that it will get noticed if you don't position it in a good places. The signs need to be installed in strategic locations where they will receive maximum exposure to the passersby. They should not be overshadowed by anything and they should have clear line of sight from all directions as much as possible. 

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