Saturday, August 2, 2014

STIHL Number One Selling Brand For Power Equipment

You have a job to do, whether it's in the yard or work in, on, and around your house, you can count on STIHL. From edgers and chainsaws to wet and dry vacuums, hand tools to concrete cutters, and the oils, lubricants, and fuel to keep all of those running, STIHL has it all. They manufacture the best equipment for all of your lawn care and home-care needs, and they have the best customer service in the business.

Top Notch Products

To really understand why STIHL power equipment is number one, and why so many people love this brand, let's talk about their range of chainsaws. Not only do these high-quality chainsaws come with limited warranties, but they'll also work perfectly well with a 10% ethanol-gasoline mix. That means they use fewer fossil fuels than other brands' chainsaws.

Once you've used one of their chainsaws for a time, you don't have to immediately replace the chain when it becomes dull. Instead, STIHL provides instructions for the type of file to use when sharpening a chain and how to sharpen it, too.

This kind of attention to detail on both new products and maintenance is one of the things that make STIHL power equipment stand out from the competition. Whether you're in need of a trimmer, blower, edger, sprayer, lawn mower, or any other power equipment, STIHL has the product for you, along with world-class customer service and support if you have any questions or concerns at any point in your product's lifespan.

Unbeatable Customer Service

If you've purchased STIHL power equipment, and you have questions or a problem with the product or products you've bought, STIHL has resources available to you online and at a STIHL certified dealer.

For example, if you have an older chain saw that the company no longer makes parts for, you're not out of luck. STIHL provides the names, addresses, and phone numbers for parts dealers across the United States who can help you out.

It's also a testament to STIHL's quality that these chain saws and other pieces of equipment have lasted long enough that their parts are no longer being manufactured. And it's a testament to STIHL's customer service that they do what they can to keep your older machines working properly.
Accessible Online Manuals

Whether you've bought your equipment new and lost the safety instruction manual, or you've purchased a piece of used power equipment, you can easily download a new safety manual from STIHL's website for free. In addition to their thorough and helpful FAQ and their prompt replies to email messages and calls, they have gone above and beyond to keep their customers happy.

You can find anything you need to know about products, recalls, instructions, and even how-to guides for any project you want to take on, all on STIHL's website. STIHL dealers are helpful and informative, as well. Whether you're looking for answers online or in person, STIHL is here to help you. Number one selling brand of power equipment!

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