Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Using MICR Toner For Printing Checks

Businesses have discovered that it's far more convenient and less expensive to print their own business checks. In order to be processed by a bank or financial institution, however, the checks' routing numbers and the company's bank account must be printed using MICR toner. This toner is magnetically enhanced and must be used to print authentic checks. Only a certain area of the printed check must be printed with MICR ink. Checks must also feature the font designated by the Federal Reserve for routing and account information to be valid.

Buying and Using MICR Toner

MICR toner can be purchased from online stores or other venues that specialize in selling printers and this type of toner. Many businesses that print their own checks designate a single printer loaded with MICR ink for check printing. Otherwise, a business wastes this specialized toner if they print items other than checks. Of course, the cartridge can simply be switched when checks need to be printed. It's essential to use MICR ink as checks will not be valid without it and is "a way to help prevent fraudulent alteration of documents" (Source: TROY Group). Banks will not process checks without MICR ink and they may even charge a fee for having to reject invalid checks.

The Benefits of Printing Your Own Checks

Many businesses find it convenient to print their own checks. They can print the amounts of checks they need as soon as they need them. They can also save money on printing costs by printing their own check stock. In addition, businesses like to print their own checks so they can customize them with their logo. So long as the check conforms to legal requirements (i.e. MICR toner), it can be processed by banks.

More Information about MICR Toner

MICR toner can be applied to plain white check stock or colored checks. It will also work on check paper enhanced with security features like watermarks. MICR ink works with a wide array of laser printers including popular models from brands like HP, Lexmark, Ricoh, and Canon (1). Because this toner is easy to procure and easy to use, many businesses make it a rule of thumb to keep it on hand for check printing. For businesses that use a lot of checks, this is an economical route to go. Even if you don't need to print checks in bulk, "you can swap the regular toner cartridge in a printer that produces regular office output with the specialized cartridge that contains magnetic toner to imprint small batches of checks when you need them" (2).

Some businesses have opted to choose MICR ink with secure features. For instance, if someone tries to alter the routing number or account chemically, the printed check toner changes to red. Check fraud continues to be a significant problem faced by financial institutions and businesses. Security features like this help to decrease the potential for fraud. 

Obtaining and using MICR ink is easy and convenient. Many businesses find that printing their own checks is the only way to go. They can avoid waiting weeks for needed checks to be printed and can securely print and design their own checks for use. If you have additional questions about using MICR toner, your toner vendor will be able to discuss your questions and concerns in depth.

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